Xu Jinsheng analysis of the operation and development of independent blog

is actually very early to do a personal independence blog, but there has been no time to do before, there have been many impulses, watching my friends blog, happy every day to write a blog visitors reply message, it is the envy of. Until the last A5 forum has a fun ceramic essay activities, saw a lot of people, looking at their posts, I have joined the impulse, and then immediately set up a blog, spent a day in order to finally put the blog essay written and then participate in the campaign.

these days often and other exchanges in the A5 group on the moderator moderator, Tang Haoming and found brother blog do are very successful, the daily traffic is very good. Before Tang brother also told me that he would like to make the existing blog well, but I do not know this good to what extent, not only have a problem, personal independent blog how to operate, the development of the way out where


what is an independent blog,


this problem I checked Baidu encyclopedia, Wikipedia is described in detail, in fact, a word that is equivalent to a separate independent blog site, but does not belong to any other website blog. The number of independent blog in slowly increase, along with the rapid development of Internet China, many people have their own independent blog, this will have the problems above, the independent blog need to run

?Survey of the development status of

independent personal blogs


wrote this article, I also studied some popular blogs, and found that most of them are blogs that record experience and communicate with soft text. Which do good Moonlight blog and Lu Songsong’s blog, blog traffic they are amazing, the blog is to share information on the Internet for the content of the blog, which is equivalent to a single Internet share station, user groups will be more. And Lu Songsong’s blog is mainly based on the accumulation of popularity, in order to share their own original article to experience the development. The former type of blog now is not a lot, because the content are more difficult to maintain the original personal blog to share, and the latter is a lot of experience and methods of the original article sharing easy to attract popular reading, easier to promote. Of course, there are many blogs that record life and share in an industry, and that’s good. With the blog theme, you can come around the theme of development and operation of the blog, but there is a problem, some blog traffic is very high, some people blog does not have access, depending on the operation method, there are many kinds of operation methods, this is not introduced one by one.

The development of

‘s independent personal blog

currently has very little profit from independent blogs, and most of the webmaster just stick to it for fun, but I don’t know how long this kind of persistence will last. Before I think so, but written to say "no interest", the blog before the keyword settings are based on their own interest, and no purpose. Until today, I decided to change the key word to Zhengzhou SEO to test my <

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