Talking about several commonly used tricks in linking links

began in 2010, and in the beginning of the new fraud activities, today I will give you about some tricks chain access commonly used, I’ll give you a hint, let little crook.

one. Do not look at the station, direct link

if you contact someone, you give him the station, and he sends you the link directly. You are called, and most of the time you are a liar. No one who receives links is so stupid, the other party’s station is a situation, not to see. Only the liar does not care, can cheat one is one. Two days ago I met a, he told me to send station to him, then he immediately called me with the link, I will be honest and, unexpectedly, I haven’t finished with, people of QQ is not online, you are left to send information right, the information does not return. This is not obvious, is a liar behavior.

two. First link, talk about price,

liar psychology is often impatient, always want to slip away with the link. Some people ask you to add the link first, and then talk about the price, which is obviously cheater behavior. We must be careful, do not talk about a good price, no links, or up and down this link, the trouble is not said, let all the major search engines to find, take your stand as cheating if the trouble.

three. Wait, wait,

better liar, the most commonly used when to pay, come and so on and so on, we all know whether novice or veteran, a payment more than ten minutes. If ten minutes, people are still waiting for you, but also do not specify specific, and most of this is a liar. This kind of person just lets you forget for a while, his link is white, his cheat also succeeded. So when we all add links, it’s better to use a notepad to keep track of the payment and record without payment. This will not let the cheater paralyze you.

four. Fake intermediary liar

some cheats will borrow the name of the fake intermediary, send a list, let you add such and such links. Last time I met a cheater like this. Then I asked the intermediary, they say, is intermediary of the list, whether they collected their own admission, or the people on the list, there will be closed chain pick up QQ, if QQ is not found, this is the most. We should take care of the intermediary list later, and if the list of odd numbers and the current single number is too far away, but also be careful. Often crooks will use an earlier odd number.

is a liar cheat in summary, paralysis, as long as we each on a link to be careful, do not let crooks take advantage of. Here, I wish you all luck in the new year. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website: http://s.luzhub>

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