Talk about new sites by Baidu and Google included some views

and share with you some of my views are Baidu and Google included new sites, no experience, no connections for new friends to be seen and have good practice.

half a month ago to do a small station, do a good job later, I found this domain name, someone has done before, stand, I am depressed ah, I do not know whether in the end can be included. Unexpectedly, after two days, Baidu included, I remember the previous Google included fast, I didn’t expect Baidu is faster than Google, but after a few days, Google still no movement. I used an old station to my new site made a link, second days Google included (summed up the experience: to Google included soon, will use a PR high station to make a link). But some time later the Baidu snapshot of the old, then asked my friend, he gave me the answer is: Baidu will have a period of observation of the new station included, has been updated, always do the chain, I feel very depressed.

railway station, basically no one is willing to do a link with you, we can only find the forum outside the chain, like A5, and behind the Baidu search forum in front of the station, I basically every day to send several posts under the guidance of the spider. Many forums are very hate advertising posts, so we need to post, as I often send is what trick link, the moderator but won’t delete, in fact no one wants to make a link with you, is to lead spider.

finally concluded: do new station, Baidu now included than Google to much faster, but only included a home page, snapshot also updated slow, Google as long as there is a PR high site, make a link will be included.

other details, I think, are commonplace. The last thing to say is, to be steadfast, to stand, to be practical, to give is to repay.

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