60 sentences about network success

1., a person on the network development, is divided into three stages: advertising page stage, product sales phase, regular station stage, of which the first two stages of success is replicable.

2., do not necessarily understand the network technology, technology is the most important part of their own can not do, looking for someone to complete.

3. communication is a shortcut to success in network business, and is also a magic weapon for most successful business.

4. network and reality, trust strength, the real network of experts, are generally over 35 years of age.

5. small money by skill, money depends on intelligence, big money depends on Eq.

6. pages of advertising to product sales stage, 1-3 years, product sales stage (bidding) to the normal station, at least 2 years time, a person from the beginning to have regular contact Wangzhuan station of their own, at least 5 years time, More haste, less speed.

7., the overall strength of an ordinary team is much better than a perfect genius.

8. in the investment saving people, is the most wasteful, the money spent must be spent, in reality, in the network, not high quality and inexpensive things, this is why the network space is the most expensive, but the best reason is to sell.

9. uses the simplest program to complete the most complex requirements, is the most perfect website.

10. advertising is the highest level, that is simply not aware of, this is an advertisement.

11., as long as the other person is higher than we are, then we will operate him as our friend and copy his success.

12. read ten thousand books, it is better to travel thousands of miles than to read hundreds of people. By running a station, you should try to make friends who like you stand for your friends.

13. on the network, low-key and earn money, is the best network of tactics.

14. I am 25 years old this year, a 10 year old gifted children, think he is very naive, as a 45 year old man, watching my behavior, like to see my childish, I play a 10 year old child, he did not know to play the southeast northwest, similarly, 45 years old friends I will play, I don’t know the truck, so the biggest gap between people in age and experience. So there must be some friends around 20 years older than yourself.

15. do flow, not necessarily have to do it yourself, should learn to use replication of high price resources in exchange for station friends of labor, this is the people all earn.

16., the real network master, all look like novice, real novice, often act like an old hand on the group.


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