Brief discussion on enterprise online T product design and concept

is currently Chinese Internet services in the enterprise’s products began to increase, with the earliest chat customer service software, OA office system, then later CRM, and from a provider first in each sub sector to the subsequent number of providers to compete in a market, in the same sub industry competition is more and more fierce. Before you talk, first of all, make clear two concepts about the product that you serve the enterprise (or the form of the product):

1 download based product form

2 based on the C/S structure, there is a client software product form

3 cloud based product form

the above three forms can be said to be the basic form of Internet products, and for enterprises in the form of products is no exception. The audience’s response to these three forms of products is no exception, the following three forms from the customer’s point of view to do a preliminary analysis:

the first form of feeling is the implementation of the trouble, the implementation of high cost, but let the user feel things in their hands,

more assured

second forms of feeling a little more convenient to implement, but need to download the client, let the user feel like psychological data is in their own hands, the concept is actually a cloud; in addition, the user may worry about the quality of the client software, the software is with a virus or other concerns

third forms of feeling is very convenient, and the maintenance of 0, concern is data in the cloud and not in their own hands, my heart is not practical experience from product design and operation of the market and a large number of examples, the development potential of the second species and third kinds of products is the largest, but also can give customers in resources and the cost of more convenient. From the above analysis, the choice of product form is very important, if the first election wrong, the latter transformation is more difficult.

is a service in enterprise software, is a complex multi aspect can withstand the test, it relates to the user interface, user experience, hardware, function and solve the actual demand of enterprise ability. Based on the author’s market observations and some examples of foreign related products, I share some ideas about enterprise products:

interface design and user experience

because the author is an amateur designer, the interface is particularly sensitive to the feeling, so the requirements of the interface is still relatively high. Just imagine: when a user needs to use certain features of the product, when he visits a poor interface design product page, he think, your product page are so bad that your product is good, and there will be more strong?

this is the fact, can see foreign products page or product page, which is not a beautiful atmosphere, reasonable layout? Because it can give customers a good first impression, so as to let the customer.

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