Careful Wangzhuan new scam inducing you into the Bureau by the official website of the customer serv

now appeared on the market a lot of innovative deception, but on September 26th day I caught a new scam, some criminals to lie through the website of the customer service and customer service telephone QQ, below I specific to talk about this deception is how to achieve the purpose of deceiving, and warning to the webmaster friends.

different official website has its own different customer service QQ, then how do these crooks use these customer service QQ,



you can see I have a QQ number, QQ number and below can help bind your own email account and account, and this method is adopted to display the liar website customer service QQ number, then QQ will change to the official website of the customer service nickname nickname, I like in A5 website had such a transaction some things, the cheater will instead nickname like A5 official nickname, then communicated to me to play, I will not go to the official website to see the wizard payment account was wrong, I cheated thousands of ocean, so when you stand in the long transactions or other activities that QQ and QQ nickname liar must go to the official website, multi view information, it is best to directly click on the official website of the customer service link, so security is guaranteed.

customer service phone is now becoming a tool of a new scam inside, I received a 11678 phone number this morning, saw the phone I thought it was one of the important departments of the phone, asking each other what, the other is to understand my website no record, now to close the space at that time, I got dizzy, I also because my site is for gospel truth, there is no record, quickly asked how to deal with, say a play money account to bureau of industry and information, and then can apply for a delay in filing for half a year, said 400 yuan of money, then I think 400 yuan is not a lot of money perhaps, more than half of the time the site would not do, and I am ready to hit 400 yuan to each other, I am online with the addition of a webmaster friends will this matter as a joke to the Friends, friends say impossible, MIIT bureau to call you, my site is no record of what do not give me? I thought, yes, the letter Bureau will to 400 yuan of money to give me a call, but the phone number and how to explain it? The friend said, now some software can modify the phone number, call back phone number when the display can freely modify, at that time I knew: almost fooled.

from the two things we can see now the scam highly skilled, advanced technique, a little attention to the webmaster deceived, I provided some advice to you here, I hope you can in the future of the Internet in the career of a lot of attention:

1, if you need internet transactions, then it is best to go to the website to handle everything, such as Taobao, then go to yourself, and do not need to say how to do what others do. >

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