Lao Zhang talks about the lessons of the extraordinary period to avoid cups

1 the best domain name registered in foreign countries, is a convenient transfer, transfer of business registration is also convenient, management right in your hands, not to embarrass agents such as GD, ENOM, NAEM, and so on. The two is also can prevent the domain name to lock in the country, three! DNS fast parsing, unlike the new stable. Net, hang a few times a month


2, the very period, data backup, small, direct local backup, data, rent a room to another server or a foreign server, data backup, you can use the software such as every few hours, incremental backup, database backup, the best day to backup once available BAT file with a backup plan task every day, automatically uploaded to the backup server or space, once the change of harmony, will be able to visit, or if the room is harmonious, a few days can not open, the server has no data, no backup, direct cup with a number of friends came to this, a few days playing not open, flow losses, or to the Baidu K, is a day income of thousands of stations.

3, Beian, is said to start real Beian information audit, the full range of all the audit, many friends, including me, have to find the domain name fast Beian, the information is false, then once the audit to, directly to the cancellation, and notify the room sealed server, it directly the cup, the proposed fast Beian false information, to cancel or change information, at least to ensure that the phone can pass, cancellation can find fast Beian information, but to really meet, so there is no problem. If there is no audit account password beian.. Site is important, please prepare a foreign space or server. Once the harmony, immediately run away! A rainy day, safety first, each station is the head of the


4, transferred abroad also don’t do illegal things and edge, you will have people in the country, even in foreign countries, the domestic domain name as your shield, comes to an end, be careful to move abroad first, just to avoid domestic unreasonable policy led to the fish, and don’t have to go abroad to do what the mind. Otherwise, you may go to tea one day.

‘s wrong, wise remark of an experienced person, please Paizhuan brothers,

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