Cao Cao imitation is a way to live

imitation of innocence, imitation is a way to live. To succeed in imitation, you need TITA:Timing opportunity; Idea innovation; Team team; finally Action execution.

Timing timing:

launched the go9go platform, and has a certain reputation, the online link platform has mushroomed, wave after wave. But it seems that fate is the same: half-dead, even reduced to be neither hot nor cold, link farms, many webmaster link platform as a place to send the chain. This time out of a GO9GO8 link platform, the same procedure, a digital difference domain name, attached to the reputation of GO9GO quickly superior. I checked the domain name registration for 09 years in November, a year after the GO9GO8 platform is the PR value of three, Baidu included more than 30000 ALEXA ranked thirty thousand of the big station.

GO9GO8 with the GO9GO visibility, to seize the initiative. Timing timing is important.

Idea Innovation:

the imitation here is not a fixed copy. It is a form of theft, and Cao Cao never advocates it. Throughout the Internet and the webmaster community are advocating innovation, imitation and innovation against each other. As we all know, innovation has always been out of imitation, and blindly stifle imitation, that is, stifle innovation.

"QQ is itself an imitation, but like offline messages, QQ group, magic expression, mobile QQ, CRBT are Tencent innovation. It is with innovative products that have QQ huge user base, which has become the fulcrum of leveraging the entire Tencent system." Ma Huateng believes that these innovations are the key to QQ’s eventual success beyond ICQ.

so Cao Cao after GO9GO a lot (can be used to describe the heap) after Links platform fits, and a programmer friend of Chongqing jointly launched a more intelligent and convenient platform to push the grass network link.

"imitation is the safest innovation."". The imitation is only a rough frame, and more of it is done in this framework, and at the same time makes him more full. Idea Innovation: if you lose the initiative, innovation is the soul.

Team team:

there are teams, of course, but now the Internet is different. Because want to live, so many webmaster have chosen part-time adsense. According to Mou Changqing GO9GO said in the blog, with the cooperation of one of his Chengdu friends and engage in engage in technology; their GO9GO8 itself is a network company; and I still go is 1+1> 2 routes, looking for a programmer friends cooperation in Chongqing. It is better for two people to cooperate with each other than to go alone.

Team team: in team members or partners have common aspirations and goals, harmony >

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