Do these two things before you can become a qualified social operator


text / dry uncle said operating


community operation has been a topic of concern for many people. To make a community bigger, stronger, and ultimately achieve its own operations, perhaps many people want to accomplish.

long before 2015, joined the Internet community, from hundreds to thousands of pieces ranging from community have covered, also participated in the social change in the tens of millions of operations, so today to talk about the community. Content is not what dry goods, just a few years of experience with their own, talk about some of the community’s experience.

today, he said the twelfth dry operation of the public number is about to bring the dragon to share some experience and thinking of the community operation: do these two points, you are likely to become a qualified community operator


there is a current situation is that most people feel that community marketing is very forced, it seems that as long as the community operations, you can double the realization of product conversion or realization. So you’ll see a lot of companies that have built up a WeChat group, and then they’re dead…

in fact, we all know that the community is certainly not a simple sense of the WeChat group, but do not do WeChat group do what? Before asking this question, I think you need to sort out.

1. What is community

?There are many definitions of the

community, not in broad sense or in the narrow sense. The individual understands that a group of people are gathered, socializing and doing something. Therefore, the community is based on people and social interaction, and then achieve a certain purpose. And we are the most common WeChat group, QQ group, in fact, is the carrier of society. These vectors bring people together, socialize, and achieve some purpose. In fact, forums, communities, APP communication circles and so on can all be regarded as carriers of the community.

question: why do most people choose to operate through the WeChat community,


why do most people choose the WeChat group as the carrier of society? I don’t know how many people have thought about it. In my understanding, this is probably based on the WeChat platform, to be exact, based on the social attributes of WeChat’s platform.

because WeChat’s social attributes are very strong, so WeChat’s derivatives WeChat group has become the most likely to achieve the purpose of community carrier, it naturally became the first choice for everyone’s community operations.

two, community purpose,

I think this is a lot of people in the community operation process has not thought clearly. What is the purpose of building a community? At present, most communities are just the following:

1, user precipitation

2, product sales

3, >

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