Defeated by Baidu, but can not lose to the opponent


on Baidu fell, not to say that Baidu K my station (Baidu K did me some of the main station) is the Baidu jjpm frightened me, no longer dare to grab Baidu jobs, had to obey the

out of the way!I used to do a stock

station, Gupiao, market analysis and so did Baidu keyword ranking within the top four, but then use? Baidu bidding promotion to the first page all occupy! Only a few come from Baidu every day, a day of IP less than 100 I had to! I love the station to sell, in return for a lot of thinking! I was no match for Baidu, Baidu will not put their body fat with others chew! Speaking only to avoid competition with, can be assigned to a bowl of porridge! If you really want to do the popular word, it is recommended to do more some long tail word! To see no Baidu bidding words do


give a living example! A Baidu space to do service station:, because I got the Baidu business! The alive by K, it is also not a waste station every day! IP is less than 100 so scanty. PR for 2, what’s the use of? Play Baidu space, say this station good, what use? Play, but Baidu, don’t grab Baidu traffic! Heart dead!


said that all of our owners together fight with Baidu, okay? It is not possible, think of at least 80% stations rely on Baidu to raise, if there is no Baidu, the 80% will agree? So we recommend this 20% people to shut up. Since everyone is holding high hand Baidu, want to pull it down! Have to dream, because you can’t call all the webmaster to join harmful to the search engine code, let Baidu acquisition of our station, it is not possible! So, do the webmaster only to accept Baidu,


said, we can defeat Baidu, but never lost to rivals in this! I’m going to my school code station, we all thought that the school code station good money! Actually very competitive! GG price is not high to see! My school code station, school key word row fourth, several key words are ranked first page, you do not believe you can check yourself (, Ip is only more than 1000! But paid a huge labor every day for him, I don’t want to lose the opponent. Others will SEO me; others write text, I also write; others every day, I will update more diligent than he, only one purpose — not lost to the opponent! The opponent is tolerant of their cruel, this world which is not a bird? Do you know the difference between the first row and second row is big? You know than the runner up in the championship Chinese value, how many times larger? For the first fight, in order not to lose hard! I am not asking people to desperately! To tell you what to do, have to take the first determination, since chose to do the webmaster, then have the determination to persevere, never lost the confidence of


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