Web site filing, authentication into a key to look at you and me

Announced the notification

Beijing February 23rd electrical Ministry before the notice stressed the site responsible person shall I carry Id original materials, access to the service unit for the record for verification procedures, and provide color full faced photo.

the requirements of the Ministry of industry, access service units entrusted by the relevant websites for recordation, change of record filing procedures, deal with web site owners to submit the main information, contact information, site information, and the authenticity of the information access units submitted for verification. Verification includes the site sponsor (subject), contact information, website information and access information etc..

said that in the trial, you see, is a trial, the leadership of the wisdom of how could so low it can, when leaders are smart people! You are looking at the reflection, so we get tough, with foreign servers do not have to die anyway.

if the introduction of such a policy will appear what kind of effect, that is, some big, make money more sites, in accordance with the policy approach, and honestly take the car to the field photo.

in addition, some do not make any money, there are some illegal websites, all will go abroad.

then, from the two states before and after you can see, the original large and small sites are under the leadership of the management, but also control. If you’re moving out, you’re in control.

, in this case, many domestic server vendors business is bleak, and many people want to do a good job in the site to increase a lot of obstacles, so that the original may be a good site can not appear.

foreign business, foreigners are pushed to go there, how stupid people? Are you out there, everybody hates you, those people are doing a website, originally in the domestic mixed food, pushing the national economy, all call you expelled after watching slobber have you flooded into what foreigners to make, the common people to abandon the enemy, you said let the small leadership leadership can do such a stupid thing?

in fact, they are throwing out a message, saying that it is trial, look at everyone’s attitude. If everyone reflects a little softer, it may be a disaster. If everyone makes a way to death, who can understand you.

anyway, they said it was on trial, and when the time came, it said that after investigation, certification, what, and so on, and found that the effect can not ah, this is not the way to get it.

also appears to be a leader who takes care of people and things like that.

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