The details of the start time for website operation flying fast

website loading speed and operation stability is directly related to the success or failure of network marketing. On the one hand, the user’s patience is limited, if the site more than ten seconds is not open, I’m afraid no one is willing to continue to wait; on the other hand, is not only the user is the search engine spiders, when acquiring the content resources in web crawling, the waiting time is limited. If a web site for a long time to open, slow, and stability is poor, first of all, users will not often patronize, and secondly, search engines will slowly give up this site. The result is that the websites are declining and the Internet marketing is getting worse and worse. Therefore, the author has always believed that the speed of website opening is related to network marketing, and it should be highly valued by website operation and network marketing staff.

There are many factors affecting

site access speed, remove the similar web server hardware configuration, computer room bandwidth quality and other objective reasons, website construction ignored the attention to detail is the main reason for many websites slow. For example, many websites now have plug-ins for traffic statistics and analysis, and this plug-in does not come from the web itself, but rather from the third party service provider. In order to accurate statistics, now commonly used method is the statistical code third party (usually a JS program) into the user’s Web site, and many of the statistical procedures require statistical procedures into the part of website code. The site code is executed by line and will stagnate if it is not loaded. This means that if the statistics server has problems, the statistics enabled web site can’t be opened for long periods of time. This is just one example. There are a lot of subjective "oversight" factors that affect the speed of the website. We’ll analyze the main aspects as follows:

1. The website code is concise and standard

now the vast majority of sites are using dynamic language development, whether it is ASP or PHP, you want the site to maintain late updates, it is necessary to use the database. The first database read write itself needs time, more critical factor is if the code is not standard, such as the lack of close database statement, it will greatly influence the website loading speed. Similar failures, as well as the use of loop statements, can cause websites to run slower and slower after the death cycle. The solution to this type of error is the first to standardize program writing. Second, as far as possible, generate a static HTML page on a dynamic web page, so that even if the site program has problems, it will not affect the user’s normal access. In addition, a large number of waste code and redundant code exist, and the unreasonable JS and CSS fragments in Html will also reduce the execution efficiency of the website program and affect the access speed of the website.

two, super large resources, asynchronous loading

a page whose program code is no more than a few hundred KB, but a picture, or a piece of animation, a video, a piece of music, it might be more than a few megabytes. You know, >

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