Network recruitment on every webmaster should learn to think (a)

these two days often go to a grid of messages, watching some just joined the webmaster industry novice friends in that tangled, and he seems to be back to the beginning of entrepreneurship. Poor and blank, poor start-up funding and lack of experience that he had just started to do the portal and Taobao are not successful, but few experiences are of no significance, at least now do online recruitment experience from the previous operation to learn a lot of things, but also to avoid some unnecessary detour.

In fact,

now do local recruitment of the webmaster or There are plenty of people who in spite of some time ago, the industry reshuffle, now the industry is doing better is the future, Zhaopin, but compared to the relatively large comprehensive recruitment website, local recruiting station it shows different characteristics, warlords hegemony on at least, have not formed a single large scene, every new webmaster is a chance.

Before the

A5 published an article about his business talent recruitment website experience, there will be a lot of friends after reading the article come to my employment talent network comments, for their questions I summary of what we found most love question is to be a successful web site operators, what needs to be done to prepare.

for my personal definition of success is not, because they have made the achievement is limited, even in Zhenjiang, I also dare not say exactly how well, but for some of the things I want to understand myself more or less several more mature, less frivolous, it is successful to prepare what needs to be done, rather than we do need to have what resources reserve the row.

is essential for good job resources, you do a job if you can not start from the main industry, the overall thinking about how to make money, how will the millions of users own use, so it is need to work to tell some fantastic tales, people find jobs, far to the fact than the ten thousand word, and local recruitment stations rely largely on word of mouth, the word of mouth is the local network recruitment affordable marketing.

then how do I find job resources? I’m going to talk to the manufacturers myself, or rely on the early flow to attract the sponsors. Both of them are not contradictory. Just when everyone in your site to pull resources, we need to understand the main features and development attributes of crowd flow, targeted to provide jobs, the mode of development of early a multiplier, a wide, perhaps for the flow of talent more quickly first-tier cities, for this is not very suitable for the second. Perhaps, it is a waste of its resources.

many times, I will see some friends stuffy head, do web site, do recruitment, to their website pull business, to registered members regularly push recruitment information. Conditional on WeChat will do a public account, resource push. I’ve seen all this hard work, and I just feel like they’re not working hard enough to bring enough to their websites

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