App to promote the whole Raiders, have to give up in order to have income

App development is not a "silly money" in the land, with more and more independent mobile application developers and companies into this field, already intense competition; and, because the mobile Internet is depicted in "the good prospect and money scene, it can be said that this field became a Sanjiaojiuliu gathering place, so that mobile applications it is market dragons and fishes jumbled together," bad money drives out good money "and bubble emerging crisis. When the mobile Internet users has become market blowout, "big pie, mobile application ecosystem environment is more and more severe. In this environment, the mobile application developers to blaze a new trail.


After the

App is made, the first step is through the App store review:

App doesn’t share experience with K. In general, if your APP is free, there may be several reasons for getting off the shelf:

1, did you cheat? Ha ha. You know that.

2, software content is not in violation of Apple’s APP Store terms, and their own turn, very strict. I’ve been crazy about APP guys a couple of times.

3, is there any function that can’t be seen at the time of the audit, but at a specific time the function is activated, and this function is against Apple?. (360 is probably this. It’s about cloud services.)

4, software screenshots, functions, instructions are not very different from the actual?.

5, if there is IAD, does it make it easy for users to click?.

below, we analyze the probability of success in App Store and the pitfalls that exist:

There is a "release effect" prevalent in

AppStore (the first release is critical to the subsequent operation of the game), and its current impact is even greater. In the initial release of the game, if you can get Apple’s recommendations, for game promotion, won some awards, or extensive media coverage, etc., the amount of game downloads can be significantly improved. Content updates don’t do this (unless it fixes bugs)……

How does

promote App

at a low cost?

first: basic on-line – major download market, application stores, large platforms, download stations cover

is the first step in promoting the line, which is the most basic. No need to throw money, only the maximum range of coverage.

eg:, Android play, download market ing, application exchange, 91, and N, and mumayi billion, an engine, flying flow;


app store eg:geogle store, HTC mall, calendar fun, cat, open mouthed, Amy cross, I check, Meizu store, Lenovo developer community, oppo app store.

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