Daily 100P website is how to promote through the theme of Baidu

‘s current advertising alliance, the most attractive addition to GG, of course, is Baidu, but the Baidu alliance’s application is rather difficult, and it is said that it is only possible to reach the 5W ranking site. I’ve tried two times without passing, so I’ve lost faith in the Baidu League for a long time. Two days ago, in the webmaster network to see a webmaster article, introduce yourself how to apply for Baidu alliance, quiet for a long time and live up, so open the original registration of Baidu account again apply.

Prior to the

application, read the related articles carefully and select the composition review net to apply. Although this site only 100 to IP every day, but the composition of originality, Baidu weight is not high, just to do experiments. The unexpected, the application for second days received a Baidu mail composition comment actually through the Baidu theme promotion review! You can see the advertising page: http://s.zwdpw.com/bencandy.php? Fid=5& id=1011 (ads at the bottom of the content of the article).

review network current traffic is very small, at most when only a few hundred IP, the average is only 100IP. Site rankings have not been checked, the highest estimate also received twenty million outside. One day IP less than 100 of the site, why can successfully through the Baidu theme promotion audit?

first, original. Composition comments on the net of the article is basically the students upload the composition, plus the webmaster comments, original proportion is very high. This may be a factor, but it shouldn’t be a factor, because many of the original web sites are not likely to pass the review.

second, uniqueness. Composition comments on the net is a special comment on the composition of the site, such sites in the network, although there are not many. Maybe Baidu’s auditors see the features of the site?.

third, the composition review network before applying for Baidu theme promotion, has put a lot of GG advertising, interest advertising plus a pop-up, in the application before and did not withdraw these ads. Before the application has placed a Baidu search, I do not know whether this search has played a role, at least I think, the site put other ads for Baidu audit did not play a bad role.

fourth, the composition comment never used Baidu statistics, fill in the traffic did not truthfully fill but the choice of 1 to 10W traffic. If I use Baidu’s statistics, I can’t think of it.

fifth, when filling in the website introduction, only has written more than 40 simple words, emphasized the specialized teacher carries on the guidance to the student this content.

Baidu is always unexpected, and this time there is no exception. CICI Wei Bo newspaper put their ideas out to share with everyone, welcome to http://s.ccwei.com AC. Please keep the link for reprint. Thank you.

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