Just on the line, the valuation has $one hundred million Sequoia why look for food

"do gourmet version of Airbnb, share the combination of economy and food; the core team comes from Ali, and has rich management, technical and operational experience"

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June 2nd, private kitchen delicacy platform "prey" announced, received investment from Sequoia Capital led the $15 million A round of financing, the angel round investors Morningside capital to continue with the vote, valuation of $100 million. The APP app, which has been on the line for just 3 months, jumped into public view again. "World network business" for the first time and its co-founder and CEO Feng Xiao contact, disclosure of financing and financing business development direction.

why does Sequoia look for food?

foraging is a private kitchen and food platform. "The world" network has been introduced in May of this year’s report, foraging mode based on shared economic basis, by creating a network trading platform, a collection of folk delicacy resources, with various dimensions of the scene, and adaptation of buyers.

September 2014, Feng Xiao and its partners began to form a team, in January 2015 for product testing, March formally launched. In a short period of time, 500 thousand consumers and 15 thousand private kitchens have been gathered, and the number of employees has expanded from 50 in March to 80.

According to Feng Xiao

, after obtaining the angel round of investment from Morningside capital, the center of gravity of the whole team has been placed in the R & D products. At the same time, when the natural growth of the user base continues to expand, there are many investors find food, expressed willingness to invest. "Sequoia looks at our two aspects, and that’s why we chose sequoia. First of all, Sequoia investment in the global community, there are many projects in the field of economic entrepreneurship. The second is Sequoia, which invests in food related businesses in China, and we are just a mix of shared economy and good food, and they are all promising areas."

A round collar cast for Sequoia capital. Sequoia Capital had invested, including the U.S. mission network, public comment, hungry and other O2O related food items, in the electricity supplier, travel, travel, O2O, vertical communities and Internet banking and other fields.

at the beginning of April this year, Sequoia Capital found foraging for the first round of communication. At the end of April, Feng Xiaohe and the founder of the team Chinese Sequoia district leader in Shanghai to meet, and accept investment from Sequoia offer in the day.

is responsible for the investment project of the red capital managing director Wang Cen told the media: "foraging innovation is excited by the supply side of the new, to meet the new demands of the modern consumer food, personalized products and services. In our team depth due diligence process, found the platform at both ends of the delicacy craftsmen, private kitchen and delicacy in the proficiency in a particular line of housewives seller, and love the national delicacy personalized personal and family such as the buyer, are very love foraging this platform, and gradually become active trading."

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