You have 100 thousand fans and you don’t have any eggs

"one brother, I have 50 thousand fans," the friend said excitedly.

, I said, "you have 100 thousand fans and you don’t have any eggs,"



faces a cold water, the other party is angry!


but I didn’t mean to choke him, just tell him the truth.

mobile Internet development is rapid, such as the night suddenly spring to shop micro shop everywhere; WeChat in small red apple, has been a time of fire fire! Our circle of friends is the scraper, mask, purchasing, specialty…… Circle of friends who constantly come out, who did micro business, just 6 months to buy a BMW, who has earned how much!


people’s enthusiasm has risen unprecedentedly, even housewives have to do micro business, and major enterprises are scrambling to do WeChat marketing, especially enterprises, almost everyone wants to do public number. However, do the operation, we must face a key question: powder business talent!! but you and I are non professionals, understand how to door road so much? So, various masters, various professionals, on behalf of the operating companies debut. Where is the demand and where is the market?

however, any market Longshehunza, people, especially an immature market, information is opaque, we do not know what people are really cattle, which companies. But we tend to be tempted, and when the big cake and the little price comes to you, you say, "buy it."

through a period of time, the other hand to give you satisfied with the answer, the number of fans, the number of reading all over the list, you are a little smug, has been considering the renewal of the contract, to expand the business scale,


usually in the company, the boss may like to shout: "I don’t care about the process, I just want the results", however, to do network marketing must control the process, otherwise you don’t know how your data came from. When you know the data is how to estimate, you freak out


WeChat public number of operations, there are three very important data, one is the number of fans, one is the number of reading, and the other is the number of points praise. Generally speaking, the quality of the content you publish is better, the number of reading and the number of points are better. There are more people to read and more to forward and share. The more fans are added, the better is a virtuous circle. If the content you publish is too poor, there’s no telling force. So, basically, the data is proportional to the quality of the content, and that’s why some people say "content is king". However, the quality we refer to here not only refers to the literary grace of the article, but also the value of the content and whether the activity is attractive or not.

, here’s how the data came from.

the first situation: real operation, targeted, high conversion rate.

this situation is estimated that only a few companies can

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