Traffic promotion remember, blindly adhere to update the website really useful



15 years of my spare time of formal operations into a new blog, remember every day to worry about how to write the original article every day, hard to write the article, sent to the independent blog, etc. included confidence ranking to flow, 1 days, 2 days, 1 months, 2 months, the total is about to in the end there will be traffic. Every day, self hypnosis, Lu Songsong thought in the heart is because of persistence and success (in fact, insist on whether it is so simple), why can’t I persist in the end?. After 4-5 months, I was a little shaken, why the traffic is still less than 50ip, I am not in the end there. But I want to give up, but I feel sorry for myself.


since blindly adhere to no results, I found a lot of learning materials from the Internet, in-depth understanding of website operations, but also know that the media platform from this channel. I first registered today’s headlines, and a little information. I will update the article every update to it, day in and day out really is not the same, although the main flow of the blog or rarely, but released to the self views of media platforms on the basic of over 10000, there are a lot of comments, praise and forwarding. All this motivates me to keep on updating. At least someone is reading my article.


and I have a large collection of blogs, read every day to expand from their knowledge, not found in the grassroots interview column on Feng Yaozong’s blog, so I send the information to a single day for my interview with Feng Yaozong. After waiting for more than 1 months, I sent the interview documents to me, and I filled it back to him as requested. Released in second days, I still feel a sense of accomplishment. A few days later, I was in Baidu inquires about the collection of this article, the surprises, at least 20 websites and included, to further enhance my personal brand exposure, with more people know Zhan Xincheng, a new blog. My IP has increased by at least 20 or so for at least half a month. In the meantime, I still do my blog SEO, I do the home page keywords from the media blog, was still second pages. One day, I received an invitation to interview with 56 brothers from the forum. (Wang brother was searching from the media blog to find me). Don’t mention how excited you are. Interview articles updated to push 56 forum, and home slide recommended, as always, there are many people reprinted, my blog traffic increased to 100+. During the second time, I learned how to use more channels to improve my influence. It is more important to choose than to work hard. If you still want to start, every day in the blog update articles, every day, as always, then I guess I can’t get anything. Other people’s success can not be copied, Lu Songsong, Zhu Haitao, Feng Yaozong, these big coffee people are not necessarily suitable for you.



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