Sharing the experience of hospital dialogue to achieve mutual understanding

yesterday with the blocking brush dialogue function, medical triage system development work has come to an end, recall the idea to develop a dialogue from the initiation of medical industry conversion in a year ago to develop today the whole system is completed, it is filled with a thousand regrets here today, I want to have a year of experience to share everybody, let us witness the growth of medical triage system.

at first the idea is a done ten years of medical network marketing friend’s suggestion, he said the hospital has too much waste in online advertising, because they put in the auction, there are large sum of money to the portal and other network media, in addition to these on the bidding can control the consumption area, as long as the bidding remove malicious clicks, there is no other waste, but to invest in the portal and other media advertising is difficult to make precise control, because the precise delivery of these places is difficult to control the region, in addition to its own natural site optimization ranking, these search engines are more open, not only can access all China consulting, and foreign customers consultation, though IP is very impressive, but the field to remove unwanted traffic, local traffic and how much? "One can’t make bricks without straw", professional Online consulting experts can not get a few dialogue, the amount of consultation can not be converted into the amount of visits, a large number of network media inputs, natural optimization of manpower and material costs, per capita advertising costs remain high.

for his troubles, we decided to do such a platform to realize the sharing of resources, decided after we began to devote their energies to do the development, after 3 months of hard work, we completed the preliminary system, in the first half of this year made the first internal testing, involved in the testing of the Zhongshan hospital, Foshan city Shanghai Jiangdong Hospital, Tianjin Huabei Hospital, Quanzhou Xinyangguang gynecological hospital department of urology hospital of Beihai Hospital Beijing, Guangzhou Sun Asia, Heilongjiang Maria maternity hospital, Shenzhen Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine, Howard, here to thank them for the test, there is a fatal problem, that is when we server when problems arise, they also show business website itself if not. Not found in time, they put on their advertising caused a great loss, so We quickly stopped the test, do the second round adjustment procedure in view of this situation, specifically for a server failure, the response time of the server, how to ensure the absolute safety of their delivery join the site to do the test, after a month of efforts, we can finally appear and problems in a matter of seconds can automatically determine any unexpected situation now the fault in the server, all join the site to show their own business platform, is no longer involved in the conversion, so as to ensure the safety of its website one hundred percent, you can rest assured that the use of our triage system.

At the same time in order to ensure that each

to join a hospital can be more transparent to see triage system safety, fairness and the specific data conversion, then we went into the third phase of development, decided to let the hospital to participate in the interactive platform, the third phase of development in their registration, add their own site management background, so they can be.

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