Shop worry Alibaba 10th anniversary sense

September 10, 2009 news, Alibaba today held 10th anniversary celebration party, Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma attended and delivered a speech. In his speech, he reviewed the 10 years of the Alibaba and looked ahead to the blueprint for the next 10 years.

time has been inadvertently through ten years, Ma started from 500 thousand, ten years to create billions of dollars in market capitalization! Ten years ago, Ma, will think of today’s achievements? As a webmaster brothers, after you know the next ten years, what kind of situation? No matter you envy or not worth mentioning, this is the iron that. This is a successful person, but also a model that needs everyone to study together.

first of all, the brilliance of Alibaba is the result of Ma Yun’s seizing the opportunity. Ten years ago, the Internet, the Internet is poor and blank, The atmosphere was foul. NetEase chat room, a matchbox red alert, beautiful Legend of Sword and Fairy, ugly OICQ components and so on the internet. When we are addicted to these new things, lustrous and dazzling, but Ma Yun has seen the opportunity, had begun his journey network. When we complain that there is no opportunity, the opportunity is with us, as long as there is a pair of observant eyes and analytical brains, the opportunity is around us. In 2000 we did not seize the opportunity, we can argue that when she was in school in 2004; we did not seize the opportunity, we can argue that just out of school in 2008; we did not seize the opportunity, we can say that the lack of experience of the detours; however, in 2009


secondly, the brilliance of Alibaba is the relentless result of Ma’s rough life. Two times the failure of the college entrance examination, work is unpleasant, frustrated China yellow pages, bound for the work of the government, the winter of the Internet and a series of disappointments that makes Ma today, if one failed two times three times to give up, perhaps today’s Alibaba will change names. The same is true when we do our tasks. There is no one thing in the world at once, and the success of any undertaking must be followed by a sad road. You can, conversely, have no success without ups and downs. People alive, will inevitably be frustrated! Proud when indifferent, frustrated when the calm, sad not for a moment of frustration, the ideal in the distance, toward the established goal firmly, believe that you are a ma! Maybe we eat now is a problem, maybe we are now on the streets, but as long as the ideal, and insisted that we will be successful.

again, Alibaba’s brilliance is the result of Ma Yun’s hard work. The Alibaba has been developing for ten years, and has experienced numerous bottlenecks during its development. The bitterness of Ma Yun may be known to him. Most of us see Ma Yun’s halo. Those transient Internet figures, big I lost myself in the tide of the internet. We review Ma Yun’s journey, he discovered the law of development of the network can always find.

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