April 26th Southern China webmaster conference hot registration!

distance from the grand 2008 Beijing Olympic Games only 120 days, and take the east wind, Southern China webmaster gather together to discuss the site of the survival rules, exchange, do station experience, SEO trends, search new rules. Because the webmaster, so ordinary, no AD, only guests, very real, very agree with. Southern China webmaster has been active in the Internet community, walking in the forefront of information, enjoy the Internet fun, while promoting the development of the internet. Southern China owners eager to share with many elites, continue to create new miracles, so the webmaster interaction we invited from various industries, to achieve the soul of the collision, to stimulate a new round of ideological emancipation, the webmaster and appreciate the new harvest. This is a passionate meeting, this is a no wall of the Congress, representing the status quo of Southern China station characteristics, and forecast the development trend.

intends to invite some guests:

Marketing Manager Cai Ligui

chief technology officer of mobile network Song Haibo

IT world, CTO, little song,

world network alliance

39 Health Network CEO Qin Gang

Deng Huifang, Dean of software school at South China University of Technology,

UF senior manager Wang Jian

Queen’s University Dr. Jiang Baichen

Zhu Jianhai, general manager of new Foshan life information,

China Senior Manager Jiang Shunfa

more guests are invited to the meeting…

part of the participating media:

Nanfang Daily, Nandu weekly, Yangcheng Evening News, Guangzhou TV station,

other institutions:

IDG manager He Hao

Zhaopin public relations manager Teng Lingfeng

General Assembly ad hoc series Awards:

first prize: 1

two prize: 2

three prize: 3

Participation Award: 4

time: April 26, 2008 1:00—4:30 PM

location: Guangzhou view star hotel,

fee: free

number of participants: 150-200

Name: Company Name:

intends to share his valuable experience, show his webmaster, and intend to sponsor individuals and businesses in this conference

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