nternet entrepreneurs how to play the power of teamworkTencent founder Zeng Li Qing 9 companies can

is also a kind of comprehensive quality is not high, but some people ask: "why do you invest in the quality of the project is not high?" sometimes, in the case of foam, we head a fever on the cast. We will find that after 3 months of regret, then how will vote on this project,


, such as the original game to do electricity providers, the original Internet community to do the game. Now the Internet environment, such cross industry venture failure probability will be relatively high.

from the Tencent for five years, probably voted 2 – 300 million in angel investment, invested about 50 companies last year, a company listed rice, below, as well as a company in the market, there is a company selling $100 million Seventh Avenue to the Sohu tour. In this enterprise, we are 2 million investment, 2 years change 100 million yuan, pay 20 million personal income tax laugh.

note: Zeng Qing, one of the five founders of Tencent Inc, has recently shared 5 years of experience in investing in real business – nine companies that can’t vote. Most of these experiences come from the pits they have personally lost. Whether for investment companies or entrepreneurs, is a rare "experience". This article originated from Zeng Li Qing’s speech memoir, which was translated from Forbes Chinese net, and edited slightly by tiger sniffing.

establish a reasonable system

first, no cross industry venture

system should be accompanied by the rise and fall of the team, whether in reality do business or construction sites in the Internet should have the corresponding system, and the system is based on the consensus of the premise, with the diversification of economy, different people have different needs, and these different interests requires a reasonable system of jurisdiction. The author believes that the establishment of an Internet team should be in

In the course of business will be

respect team members

second, not invest in comprehensive quality is not high or the core ability is not strong company

I am

more or less encountered some difficulties and setbacks, in the face of these difficulties and setbacks may be a team in a different voice, whether or not you are a principal in the face of these different voices are not able to take Bulibucai attitude, but should respect them, let each team members say my heart wants to say the words, that their heart words can open out and make a contribution for the team. If you are not able to respect them, perhaps the team members on the surface don’t show dissatisfaction, but they have different will may be in the process of team development, which will affect the progress of a team, so the first step is to play a team strength respect for team members.


in this industry more mature time, if you cross industry business, often lack of professional experience, so it is easy to lead to failure.


building member platform

Internet entrepreneurs with extensive development of the Internet has attracted many college students, job seekers, and in this group of entrepreneurs mostly alone, but with the Internet competition, individual individual combat history has passed, now the emphasis is on a solidarity era. Perhaps many people saw Ma Yun, Shi Yuzhu’s achievements, but they did not succeed in the spirit of unity before you see it? And now there are many well-known sites, A5 and Chinaz with the more familiar, the two sites are not many people, with many people together to promote the coordination site progress, the author combined with today’s social reality about Internet entrepreneurs how to play the power of the team.

is a team, then your team members should have the corresponding ability and entrepreneurship in the course of the Internet is through reasonable means to bring out every member of the team, this time on the need to provide a reliable platform for these members, before I started the business the establishment of the platform is the reward and punishment mechanism, after which a member of the corresponding income according to the income of how much I will provide some material support for members. Now the Internet platform for a variety of ways, for now can take an integrated approach, the entrepreneurial team began the process can carry out thinking, members can be invited to some tourist attractions to play, by starting to draw means to obtain their support in establishing platform members is to obtain the members support a comprehensive entrepreneurial team members did not support is not capable of moving forward, I hope you will pay attention to this to entrepreneurs.


in the past 5 years, we have met many entrepreneurs, many projects, some have been successful, and there have been some failures. I find that success always has something in common. There are many reasons for failure. We are also summing up, what kind of business failure, why failed?. I would like to share some of the lessons learned from failure.

may be someone will have a problem, said, "this is always wrong, when you Tencent started the industry is also cross industry."." Yes, the Internet industry when our business is just beginning, don’t forget the first Tencent is also involved in the construction of Shenzhen Telecom Internet, Ma Huateng is in the runxun paging station, CALL and IM are very similar, we are engaged in a communication.

last year, in the case of an investment environment bubble, we put a number of projects, resulting in the number of Companies in the first half of this year is much higher than last year. Recently, I found out how the office comrades changed their computers and changed the big screen computer. I asked, "the boss, the two companies above are closed, and only the computer is left."

, for example, investment game companies, your core R & D capability, there is one can not, and this project is basically successful probability is not high.

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