exclusive the global economic crisis atmosphere of nternet advertisingThe value and analysis of CRB

today’s communication technology has enabled advertisers to consumers carry a mobile phone, palmtop computer and other telecommunications terminal equipment to send personalized commodity information as possible, to mobile phone SMS, MMS, WAP, mobile phone, customized ringing tone streaming media as the representative form of advertising is the rapid development of great potential. In the era of mobile media, the service concept of "diversity, difference, individuation and interaction" promises the arrival of a truly mass media era.


, according to Rubicon project analysis, in the second and third quarters of 2008, online advertising costs per 1000 show dropped by 11%.

‘s famous blogger Nick Denton has also said that online advertising is bleak, and he says the low season for online advertising is coming.

is a customized ringing tone media, fixed telephone and mobile phone users back tone as the carrier, to the caller as a new advertising media audience, it is based on the ring back tone service in communication terminal, media type is developed based on common business form on the customized ringing tone value-added services.

because the ring back tone advertisement listens to the time each time only has ten seconds, therefore it also is one kind gives the user influence smallest advertisement product, the influence is small, causes the user to be able to accept easily. Because of the closeness between the receiver and the ear, it can make the advertisement spread better. In case of interference with the outside world >

as the global economy continues to show signs of weakness, the online advertising market is beginning to eclipse, which is a severe test for the web site owner. If online advertising is the only source of revenue for the site, then the web site needs to find new and more profitable ways as soon as possible.

as long as others call phone chain ringback tone advertising effect itself a pass ten, ten pass 100, a short time will have huge advertising effect. As a result, ringtone ads are also likely to replicate the success of SMS and CRBT services.

shlf1314 last week sent an email to its owners to ensure that advertising prices remain stable. Many people think that this is lame, shlf1314 is trying to prevent the site from their AdSense advertising platform hopping.


PubMatic latest advertising price index shows that in recent times all types of online advertising prices have declined. From the fourth quarter of 2007 to the present, advertising prices have fallen by almost 50%, and have declined gradually in each quarter of 2008.

The development of

can be customized ringing tone corporate brand connotation of the key word, can be expressed by voice; new product listings, discounts, promotions and other information, through the way of ringtones quickly transmitted to the target user’s ear, achieve brand penetration, information effect.
customized ringing tone media and traditional media is not the same as the traditional mass media is a kind of non broadcast customized business, and business is with the characteristics of tone on demand and NarrowAD combined, is a public public, advertising, custom media, rather than the public, broadcast, non customized media.

The following

webmaster reporter reporter Shao Guihu affected by the global economic crisis, the online advertising market is also facing a grim situation. Some international website owners and analysts to key indicators and a large number of data judgment, online advertising market will fall into the dilemma of keep going by painstaking effort.

is a new type of CRBT, which is novel, entertaining and easy to form brand preference and brand memory.

first of all, the terminal threshold is very low.

" search engine PPC ads by American stock market YieldBuild CEO Paul Amanson said, "two weeks ago when the stock market fell, the mainstream search engine online advertising prices fell by 9% in a day, this is a substantial decline in the There was no parallel in history". The price of online advertising has begun to improve again, but it is still not as good as it used to be.

fifth, anti-interference, and give users interference is also small.

PubMatic statistics show that advertising prices have fallen by


third has a totally airtight listening environment that can not be evaded.

analyst Imran Khan said that in the last two months, he had two times overestimated the growth rate of online advertising. Display advertising will grow by 6% in 2009, well below his previous estimate of 16%; growth in search advertising will reach 17.3% in 2009, not 25.5% previously predicted.

CRBT media services has nothing to do with terminals, and users do not have any technical or customary barriers. It is a business based on switches or smart networks, and any communication terminal can have or actively apply back tone services.

in the past four quarters

in the caller waiting for the answer was just ten seconds of time, calling the attention of the user especially auditory attention basically are forced to focus on the receiver, is more inevitable than forced building advertising business.

fourth has a viral transmission effect and promotes rapid penetration growth.


are some of the things that have happened in the last month, and they are starting to worry the IT industry about the online advertising situation:


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