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 : before, a 30 second TV ad was once considered the most effective and expensive form of advertising. But now, in the face of online media, this view has long been no longer a foothold – – the latest shlf1314 and Yahoo first quarter results show that online advertising has made great progress. shlf1314 recently released a quarter operating income was $1 billion 300 million, an increase of 93%, net profit of $369 million; Yahoo revenues in the first quarter of $1 billion 200 million, an increase of 55%, net profit more than doubled to $205 million.

book that horses forage first, illustrates the importance of logistics, we make the profit pattern is the lasting development of the "food". Without a clear and simple profit model of Web sites is not likely to be developed, and the profit pattern should be considered clear things before starting on the website, the profit model is established at the beginning of the site you may realize the vision, but not in two years three years ago began to consider the site whether profitable thing.

provides services, but also the webmaster himself in some aspects of expertise, to provide professional services. Like A5 to provide webmaster information and transaction services, providing industry training services like some sites, like the station to provide lasting diagnostic services personalized, to solve the difficulties and puzzles lasting site members they currently encountered.

The better profit model designed by

provides services through the web site, most of the way the webmaster is to cooperate with the advertising alliance, like the famous advertising alliance, there are shlf1314, Adsense, sh419 alliance and Ali mother. Contribute the site’s traffic to the advertising alliance, which is divided into three major ways: click pay, sales commission and boot registration. The advantage of working with an advertising alliance is that the webmaster only needs to find ways to attract a lot of cheap traffic, or to attract highly accurate, commercially valuable traffic, and then sell ads on the web to generate revenue.

currently, shlf1314 and Yahoo, along with other network competitors such as Microsoft’s MSN, are developing a broader market service model. Take shlf1314 as an example, the company has offered advertisers a "AdSense" advertising model. Adsense advertising model is actually keyword advertising and membership Affiliate program organic combination model, a model that can be widely used, is involved in the advertising activities all benefit from: the first is the shlf1314 100 thousand keywords from advertisers, advertising carrier unlimited expansion of their keyword advertising can be extremely extensive attention not just a touch, opportunities to target customers in each big website, more extended to any one small website — as long as the site has become the partner of shlf1314. Followed by major, medium and small advertising partners. The website does not need to invest in specialized advertisement management, only copies a section of code, then may obtain the advertisement income according to the click pays way. Especially for small websites with lower traffic rates, it is only in such a way that advertising revenue can be obtained. And for web visitors, through keyword search to get more reference content, of course, the biggest winner is shlf1314.

website’s profit model can only be divided into two categories: selling products and providing services, while the sale of advertising is within the scope of service. Profit model is the simpler the better, simply to the intersection to sell fruit, 2 yuan purchase, 4 sales. The same is true on the Internet, the simplest mode of profit is to buy at a low price, sell at a high price, win the difference. This is the simplest e-commerce profit model, sales of products, and this need to deal with the middle of the source, customer service, payment, distribution and after-sale and other issues.

standing station is divided into three stages: the first stage is to collect membership fees as the basic profit model. The second stage is that when the number of members reaches a certain amount, the organization will cooperate with the permanent members of the project to extract part of the profits for the additional profit model. The third stage, with the wisdom of the station team, is the long-term operation of the large project.

The profit model of The >

, shlf1314 and Yahoo, most of the company’s revenues come from advertising. shlf1314 has long been working to develop an auction based advertising service model and innovate constantly. They use the keyword search + sponsor network link "model has been proved to be an attractive form of advertising, advertisers are willing to pay for the advertisements in this way, because this is the essential difference with television advertising: network advertising is to browse clicks as the charging basis, which is based on the number of television advertising and to calculate the cost of playing time.

is a failure mode if it can only stay on the drawing, so it is also a problem to discuss the operability of profit model. Membership fees as a basic profit model, you need to take the first step, at the beginning of the lower level, start from scratch, so the fees charged will not be too high. Is set to 100 to begin to rise again as the constant 100 of the base, but also to prevent the threshold charges faster than I can offer, a member of close to 100 yuan, 200 yuan to close 2 members, received 300 yuan of 3 members of the slow rate of rise. The rising membership fees also herald the direction of sustainable development

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