HTS link analysis algorithm for SEO depth interpretationGolden Wangzhuan talk about how to make the

before publishing articles

two, what is the Hub page hub page,

as the saying goes: Every bean has its black.! If you are writing a great person, often write articles, the effect is also very good, the occasional article visits is not high, you may feel not to regard it as right.

for the overall domestic search engine, sh419 search engine as the leader, I will take HITS public documents according to sh419 search engine and multi angle experiment to practical application in SEO HITS depth analysis.



1. What is the Authority page authority page

I think everyone wants to know the truth, want to know why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we can only be buried in the corner? As a network of people, I would like to according to their own research on the marketing of soft red Wangzhuan view:

in the HITS link analysis algorithm, the exposition of the most two points is the Hub page and Authority page.

second, each article is not necessarily written in soft text

on the network, we will find such a phenomenon, as a point of view, why people in different ways, but got so obvious differences? Some article hits is very high, some hit rate is so low.

first, self marketing

third, the title should be written,

HITS Hyperlink – Induced Topic Search link analysis algorithm was born in 1997, the algorithm was proposed by a Ph. D. in Cornell University, and the algorithm is used in many global search engines. Of course, different search engines focus on the algorithm’s emphasis and internal formulas have different algorithm structure adjustment, and HITS algorithm is also one of the most important basic algorithms in link analysis.

, and Hub pages hub pages are usually pages that contain links to many high-quality Authority pages, such as the 360 site navigation home page, which is a very good Hub page hub page. Because in the 360 site navigation site page, the polymerization of many different types of authority site collection, such as news section, gathered Sina, Tencent and other authoritative site. Video segment gathered Sohu video, Youku video and other authoritative sites. This point and we often publish some classified catalogue site outside the chain is similar so why website directory outside the chain also has certain effect, it is because the search engine itself has its own unique algorithm will influence your ranking.

first, let’s get to know what the HITS algorithm is, including his calculations and algorithms, as well as his strengths and weaknesses. After a profound understanding of these meanings, we then use some specific experiments to verify the effectiveness and usefulness of HITS.

what is the soft soft factors? In the article and self promotion, the purpose is to make your products is also may be your own, but if your posts are more or less involved in advertising, even if readers do not bother, I think network editors are tired of the marketing is indeed very good for our website promotion, but everything is when the effect. If you really want to let everyone you love, including the love of your article, you must not let everyone in every article you have seen ads, actually no ads in the article is a promotion of your own.

is there a way to make every click of your article very high?. We all know China master, because there are a lot of philosophical statements, and in front of each phrase will add their own views, so when we see their works may be over two times we may not remember, but the more I remember. It is worth noting that these philosophical things can’t be casually, lane is bad when the effect we can get. If you dare to add your opinion in front of your article, it means that you are well prepared for your point of view, or else you really picked up a stone and hit your own foot.

The meaning of

as the saying goes, a good title is half the success of an article. A lot of people write in "article how high traffic", has been the title of the article in a prominent role, said several techniques to increase traffic, actually this kind of practice is not without its truth, but some are too. You can imagine, if you really change a title can have good access, then we change the title every day is fine. Not so hard every day, in order to write articles and painstaking. To tell you the truth, a good title really brings high traffic. So how do you master the wording of the title? How can you make headlines?

is the HITS algorithm, because the search engine needs to find the user search requests and query matching degree associated with the highest in the world, with page to grab a collection of Web documents, and the related matching degree is the highest number of high quality "Authority" and "Hub" page page, and not everyone often understand station >

simply speaking, a Authority page authoritative page is a high quality web page within a domain or within a related topic. For example, the recruitment field, 51job website homepage is the field of a high quality ". For example, Taobao home page is the electricity supplier in the field of high-quality web pages.

three and HITS algorithm

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