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wrong? Why do like Meerkat concern, creative quality products did not get what it wants? Why didn’t it be used by most people? Why didn’t it become the people daily real-time live their daily lives App


live video recently very popular: in 2015, Twitter acquired video broadcast services company Periscope; soon, the release of Meerkat has achieved great success in the SXSW Music Festival, in addition to many other video broadcast services, including Facebook Live.

there’s no doubt that you need a team to be your founding shareholder, of course.

I also run into a single entrepreneur, and I can’t find a co founder to build a team. My view on this matter is:


in the field of Internet entrepreneurship, few people have a variety of skills, coupled with information transparency, competition accelerated, so the founder team is usually a combination, such as products and technology at least combination.

1, don’t make it. There’s going to be a lot of trouble going on. I estimate that entrepreneurs will rarely go to the direction of entrepreneurship, must be full of confidence in the direction of entrepreneurship, will start business. In fact, the co founders are more important than the direction of entrepreneurship, because the direction of entrepreneurship is easy to change, and the replacement of the co founders will make people feel haggard. So some even look for team partners to confirm the direction. In this state, teams are more likely to be together because of each other’s identity, which will be a strong bond in the long run.

at the end of the letter, he pointed out the fact that the number of users involved in the limited, intense competition in the industry, it is difficult for product users to continue to grow. The problem is, in the long run can easily extend the live video to any company? Don’t live video itself is not suitable for most people? Or a new generation of viewers don’t love to watch random, visibility is not high, only love reality show, ISIS killings and Kim · Kardashian

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so, from the point of view of avoiding the biggest failure, you can also think that you don’t need a team. Anyone can take the place of you except you.

today’s capital Xu Xin very stressed the importance of the core CEO founder, speak tough enough: "do not fear executives turnover.". True loyalty or someone who works hard with an enterprise?. Executive loyalty is time to accumulate, so take a few executives is nothing, as long as the founder is still, I do not think VP has any core competencies. Enterprise talent is the core competitiveness". We also see the traditional entrepreneurs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, most of them are one person, the boss, alone. Then come out a minimum benchmark.

team entrepreneurship brings about such obvious benefits as job sharing, collective intelligence, and psychological support. I admire the long term joint venture of the entrepreneurial team. I contacted enterprises, more than 5 teams or more than 5 years of entrepreneurship, have achieved great success. Simply put, the number of core founding teams and the number of joint venture years, which means that the total length of the business, more than 20 is very amazing. This is the highest benchmark for your team building.


adds that the value of live broadcasts is more visible to influential people and the media, especially when they are broadcast live on big events. But the net red capacity is too small to make it a App that most people use, and Meerkat aims to become a App for most people to participate in.

say better opportunities for some companies,

on Monday September 14, 2015, Mark · Zha Kebo >

in the early days of entrepreneurship, when you have nothing, you can attract other team members to invest their time and life to you, which in itself proves the charisma of CEO and the feasibility of business.

at the same time, you can also imagine that the core team will continue to work together for a long time and it will be very difficult. Not only do we need compromise and cooperation with each other, but more importantly, each of them has to overcome the weaknesses of humanity. This also led to the split of the team, becoming the first killer of start-up companies.

2, spend more time. Many entrepreneurs are shouting "people, people, people" all the time, but >

, however, a year after Meerkat’s initial success, its CEO Ben Rubin recently announced the end of its live video streaming service and shifted its focus to becoming a video social networking site. The details of the new social network aren’t clear yet. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Meerkat, and we may find out about the direction of the live video broadcast.

BenRubin explained the letter to investors. He believes that the main reason is the two large game player in the field owned by Twitter Periscope and Facebook Live relatively intense competition; for the mass market, the added value of live video is not clear. Although celebrities and media missions have begun using live video, many people still don’t understand why they want to broadcast their real life to others. These people don’t really know what "good" video live is like.

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? What information does it tell us about this industry?

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