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opened the world’s largest video site YouTube Chinese boy Chen Shijun’s story is very exciting, it slowly. With the "20 months earned 13 billion: YouTube founder Chen Shijun autobiography", we summed up Chen Shijun’s entrepreneurial path.

of course, objectively speaking, Chen Shijun’s ability to drop out of employment in his environment requires much less courage than we do.

second stage: Entrepreneurship more urgent, high salary work can not stay

YouTube founder Chen Shijun: entrepreneurship is doing the right thing at the right time,

if not hurried to the PayPal work, do not say 3 years can not become a millionaire, also found no future business partner may also stand to technology on tidal wave. From this point of view, dropping out of employment is a necessary foundation for Chen Shijun’s high profile life.

in Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial history, the release of YouTube to activate the "video sharing" of the potential network demand, then created a "video communication" and "social video" and "video marketing" and a series of new Internet lifestyle. Selling video site YouTube to become a billionaire, Chen Shijun was 28 years old.

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Chen Shijun is lucky to join the PayPal company eventually successful listing, and he has become a millionaire. To enjoy the fruits of lucky Chen Shijun is listed, more fortunate is met his future business partner Chad · hurley. Chad · PayPal Hurley is the only designer early, he is the company logo design company adopted by PayPal and has been used.

first stage: work more urgent, six months graduation, can not wait for

Chen Shijun said: "in February 2002, PayPal listed on the Nasdaq, not only to make us millionaires, but also to build up our own."

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Chen Shijun said, "I dropped out of school in the last semester, and other people dropped out of school. I was out of school and just because the job opportunities in Silicon Valley were so attractive."." Join the PayPal in addition to personal interest, largely on the relationship between students trust, there is a young. Many of us are too rational thinking, finally become indecisive,.

Chen Shijun was born on August 1978 in Taiwan China, childhood love with computer, primary school grade 6: write the first program of your life. Enter the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign computer professionals in the United States ranked in the top 5, and all computer enthusiasts Association, the normal school behind. But the temptation to work in Silicon Valley, although only half a year from graduation, decided to drop out of employment, joined the venture less than 1 years of PayPal company.

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