Five Shanghai Phoenix Webmaster Tools secret

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, Xenu




so it is a small and powerful software.

Xenu after the operation, the error list of all links provide your reference, and create a site map, there is a very useful feature is that Xenu can capture the URL generation XML site map.

three, YAHOO chain detection tool (Yah>

, Shanghai Dragon


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Xenu is a simple function, but it is very important to Shanghai dragon spider crawling simulation tools. It is English software. It can simulate the search engines crawl, crawl to every page, and for the record, Xenu after the operation, you can see what is wrong with the link in the results (marked "not found"), and then carefully stationmaster also errors may occur, it is difficult to check the artificial error link to this. The software can be easily found, and some have not included significant links, artificial see page is not easy to notice all, run Xenu again, you will probably see some strange, you don’t want to be included in the URL, and then through the link adjustment or the direct use of robots document to prohibit spider,

install and start the plugin, search for any keyword in nobility baby or Yahoo, page displayed normal search results, the results are listed below each is still a large number of Shanghai Longfeng relevant data includes page PR value, updated snapshot, noble baby flow value, age, Delicious Bookmarks in the site collection number, number, Digg appeared in the Alexa rankings and so on a series of reference data.

Shanghai Longfeng for Firefox is a comprehensive display of Shanghai dragon page data Firefox plugin, although there are many online website data query tools, including the search engine itself provides, but according to a number of competitors to check all the data, is a very troublesome thing, Shanghai dragon for Firefox can do this point.

two for Firefox

Hello, I am a station from Inner Mongolia to Hohhot, and everyone else, is the grass-roots origin, now runs our local Hohhot talent network, for we grassroots webmaster, all knowledge website should have more knowledge, but Shanghai dragon is essential, but a bottleneck is the website optimization Shanghai Longfeng automation, reasonable use of "weapon" will make our work with the Shanghai dragon, today to introduce you five I think Shanghai Longfeng tools more practical, hope to help.

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