Eight trick to create search engine in favor of your website

, the system of the chain, we have to do this four point:

in fact, most of the time, our website if paying attention to the details of some of the Shanghai dragon, so beyond the competitors is very helpful. For example: "meta" font encoding, and the accuracy of the information, good user experience can not only increase repeat for your website, and the search engine will give good rankings. Especially love Shanghai, now for the website jump out rate is very attention, also proved the importance of user experience. On the bounce rate and user experience knowledge can come to my blog to learn Wang Jishun, a special paper.

add these benefits is also close to the user experience, some people do not pay attention to these, in fact, the search engine is concerned, this is the details of the Shanghai dragon show.

4. if there is a focused topic or content, the use of special form to optimize.

directory structureThe structure of web pages and directory structure of chain systemThe construction of

outside the chain of high quality for the importance of the website, believe that I do not have to say, many people know. The chain in essence not much, only to create a high quality of the chain is king.

framework and

second strokes:

fourth strokes: the high quality of the chain set

2. includes the establishment of a website focusing on the content of the site map.

many webmaster want search engines to favor their own website, in an article on "Wang Jishun taught you to cultivate trust" the search engine on the web in detail how to develop search engine trust in the site, so how to build a website to make the search engine in favor of your website? Wang Jishun Shanghai Dragon explained eight trick to make your website in the numerous website talent shows itself, become a popular search engine website.

The first one: " The third measure:

fifth strokes: copyright, contacts, about us

sixth move: reasonable robots.txt file

good will help search engines more efficient from the web content, will give a higher weight ". Selected in the code, if we abandon the form of complex structure, and the structure of div+css style, the search engine will naturally because crawl smoothly and give relatively high weight of the site.

3. to establish the breadcrumb navigation system perfect

key details need to pay attention on the page

1. navigation bar to use text links

front, we have a detailed explanation of the importance of the robots.txt file, the search engine spider web content is the first one to find the robots.txt file, it must be in accordance with the reasonable grammar >

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