Analysis no website ranking for several reasons


can’t find why not own website ranking, we should check under their own domain name history, to see whether there are violations of the existing domain name. If the existence of this situation, so there is no ranking is very normal. We should be able to replace the domain name once and for all this time. (source: Mascherano – Micro Internet 贵族宝贝 reproduced indicate the source)

? A problem with the

, or no ranking, it should look at their website the theme is legitimate, some illegal content no ranking is normal.

is the site of the soul, even if the content is then collected in large quantities, want to have ranking difficult, it is very difficult to

do you have any content, through the assessment period, still no rankings then should ask themselves have not kept pace with the reverse link, the reverse link here said the chain within the chain, including.

five, your server

has some keywords in the search engine is controlled like: love Shanghai, blog, QQ, this kind of words, so if you do this kind of artificial control word no ranking is normal. In addition some difficult and high index, high search words, in a short period of time there is no ranking is a normal thing, now, the competitiveness of

?The content of

seven, your domain name

, your site through the assessment period

six, your choice of keywords

four, you do website theme

server is stable or not is directly related to the site, in the "love Shanghai search engine guide" also made it clear that it wants a good ranking must have a stable host. Remember you are not always good, but cheap is the worst.

stable?The legal?A few words with more than

two, you do what

before legal?

a website even if the assessment period is not through what to rank, and the assessment period in the search engine about (3 months), the site of the site if you haven’t reached 3 months so no ranking is a normal phenomenon.


three, the website chain has to keep up with

website ranking no reason very much, here we pick out some typical problems about it.

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