Deepen the Shanghai dragon landing page KP assessment strategy


A. page load time should not exceed 10 seconds, the shorter the better.

B. title.

where you want to improve web page ranking and increase website traffic and increase the conversion rate, you should use a set of mature existing indicators to assess the page, this will help you in the future to promote the effect of more accurate calculation.


Once the


when you make web pages indexed by search engines to search for certain keywords, then will be.

1. page is accessible

4. page keywords number

pages, make sure the web page can be a spider crawling and indexing is very important.

3. key in the web page where the keyword

C. "

meta in keyword description tags

B. "has a good compatibility, you can through the personal terminal to detect different browsers — make sure your web browser looks at different effect is the same.

different landing page type based on our tracking assessment indicators are not the same. Today I share a full page KPI check list.

A. server can successfully return to the results page.

in the key words in the title of the content

a.URL standard of URL contained in the

E. in the first paragraph of the content words

the following check list KPI not only applicable to the web site of the Shanghai dragon strategy, also applies to the pay per click advertising strategy (PPC) and direct mail marketing strategy.


if you plan to get traffic to a web page from search engines, it must ensure that the keyword appears in the page code of the key.

Check the following items:


KPI, a pre index web

B. is located in the web accessible folder and make sure that the robots file is not excluded from the rules of foreign.

Check the following items: has access to good compatibilityAnother point is to check the Check the following items:

in the construction of the marketing website you need to think: when are you going to make a landing page to deepen Shanghai Longfeng your strategy, "before doing optimization should use what kind of key performance indicators (hereinafter referred to as KPI) to check this page for a period of time in the on-line page and should do how to track

2. web pages in different browsers and mobile terminal compatibility.

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