The influence of the old domain of love from Shanghai

is 3 minutes before writing this article a screenshot of the

also from just a small station location good, the domain name is very old, 08 years of registration, see whois

three, from the previous observation of knowledge, love of Shanghai has a certain number of domain name included after release hidden, this is a new domain name can not be compared, that Shanghai is not only more love love >


love Shanghai has been the site entrance boss, now left our nobility baby away, other search engines and not too good, so to this day Shanghai’s dominance has not a sense of crisis, it is more and more big positions.

Here is the website

why should we pay attention to the age of the domain name for the love of Shanghai included the influence, but also from a week ago to update the site, then released an article (original), after a few minutes to site love Shanghai, found that Shanghai is actually a collection of love, and immediately put out and I wonder, I hung this station is for a long time, about 4 months, but has not been updated recently, to accelerate the progress of the project, so as to update the original release, did not think it is quite soon, for several days are like this.

published an article today, from a booklet where a word knocked into my hand, acid lumbago knock, before finally finished, and some things, suddenly think of love in Shanghai, the habit of site, actually found 47 minutes ago included, it is in an hour before I write this article is included, I looked at my post time, the system automatically is given, a look surprised, is almost synchronous included synchronous release!

two, a comparison of the old domain name, even if your site is new, long time not updated, once the update will be included, love Shanghai more quickly and put out;

also add that this station in addition to the old domain with other new sites of a sample, at the same time, because the domain name before doing a lot of different sites, all love Shanghai did not put the domain name into the black list is already lucky.


from the above indication that the four point:

The Figure


released the time, personality assurance, time is not that modified.

now has 3 years, is the old domain name.

, love Shanghai focus on domain name registration time and domain name whether do stand experience, this conclusion before webmaster predecessors have said, but there is no evidence of

all domestic webmaster can only continue to fall in love with the sea to scold it. Far away, said today is much impact on domain name included in the end there is love in Shanghai?

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