The search engine and web site the difference attracts similar repulsion (in)

we can observe those rankings in 70 after the site outside the chain, which most of the sites are similar, the forum outside the chain chain, blog, video outside the chain, can be said that these sites in addition to these chain basically can not find other sites outside the chain, and we are to observe the ranking good website, we can find the chain these sites not only a forum, blog, video, and web site included the chain, the chain, soft Wen submitting query tool chain, news source chain, love Shanghai and so on a variety of chain products. The web site outside the chain of the same why ranking is not high enough, because the search engine for the chain is not this kind of website to give friendly behavior, to the depths: search engine will think the chain is cheating, may cause the site to drop right.

three, the same site outside the chain, the search engine doesn’t give a friendly

revelation: which part of whether the site is done, we are out of the ordinary, to make our web site in the search engine with the eyes.

a "search engine and web site: differences attract similar repulsion (on)" to explain the difference of search engine for web content and code of attraction and rejection of similar articles for the webmaster friends, today will also bring to the webmaster friends site outside the chain website and difference alienation and similarity is introduced, the hope can help to more webmaster friends.

I recently discovered that do a lot of products, service content website basically is take the word as like as two peas, women, a lot of friends refer to other sites of the column when building site columns, which resulted in the website or the small Datong as like as two peas, such as the word’s website is a lot women: Women’s brands, shopping guide, women’s clothing, to tell the truth this website search has grabbed many do not know the database engine, many search engines will think this kind of website column is copied, the original search engine is not to recognize, because the search engine does not recognize it, if your website and other websites also such a situation, I can tell you for sure: website development prospects Will not be too long, because the development behind the web search engine might think you are copying the former.

four, website search engine to identify

as like as two peas.

revelation: the site outside the chain has been the site of an event, the chain website is many webmaster’s psychological needs, but the stationmaster friends we do in the chain do not ignore the chain of diversity and diversification, respect the complexity of site outside the chain and effectiveness of the chain site outside the chain do not ask us to copy the competition, but according to the website with the characteristics of the industry’s own nature to do their own work site outside the chain can be, rather than to the chain chain copying rivals or other industry ranked first.


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