The chain and the relationship between the weight of the love of Shanghai

Shanghai is due to the adjustment of love or other problems love Shanghai, love Shanghai for many many articles on the station and not be fully included in the actual operation, this lot met us, especially some technical articles, so when you reprint the first search, cannot find that love Shanghai not included then, this article reasonably reproduced you add your link, then love Shanghai would think that this is your original, will also give you a weight plus.

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2, reprinted articles

what the link is effective to love Shanghai right influential? Here to talk about our views and experience, and we discuss this topic, not to please.

, 3 of the chain is very important

said a phenomenon, often visiting the A5 forum that someone to send a post, then call Lara suddenly put to keep abreast of dozens of site, yes, as long as the love of Shanghai included in this post, you these links was the chain, but the effect of these junk links to love Shanghai weight is almost very little, the chain to improve their site ranking can be said to be Arabian Nights. Not to mention the general link in the forum will love Shanghai regularly.

practice, Shanghai love of the original articles are really fond, whether you are on your own website, or blog, or in the A5 journal articles, as long as the original love, Shanghai will immediately included, and will give you extra points, so a lot of people it is the original article, and then sent to the your station, wait for the love Shanghai included, and will contribute to the target site. This is the original article in the link can affect the weight of love Shanghai.

in relation to the weight of the chain and authority, is, by other web pages with hyperlinks to more pages, and the weight value is higher, the broad sense, it is a theorem, the narrow sense seems not necessarily.

The chain of

a lot of people have a blog group of building group tool, get an article, then suddenly sent to dozens of blogs, love Shanghai now so clever, even if this is the original, also can give them a pay by weight. In this way we not recommended, many webmaster love YAHOO the chain query, the links out of the chain you will find 1000 outside the chain, there may be 300 chain is a station, so the chain from the chain of diversity, the significance is really small, so that the chain looks though many, but no ill feeling groans.

many of the old owners see this title can not do this crap, sniff at, love Shanghai is of course to improve the weight of the chain the more the better. Yes, indeed, but you know what kind of chain is the real factors affecting the weight of love Shanghai? Today we will talk about our understanding.

1, the original article

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