Expect The Unexpected: The Best Things I Saw At Escape Music Festival

first_imgPlacebo’s big, North American comeback. No other description needed. Escape promised a party like no other and they certainly delivered through the Ibiza-party inspired Elrow Stage. I have to admit that I am not familiar with many of the DJs that play in the rave tent such as Boris and Miss Kitten, as most have their stronger, core fan bases across the pond in the UK, Spain, and the rest of Europe. Yet the sheer mayhem and spectacle of Escape’s smaller stage was more than enough to break this slightly-stoic music fan. Within minutes, I was dancing in a stream of constant confetti with fellow fans wearing inflatable doughnuts and characters in stilts. Parties like the one I partook in at The Elrow Stage are hard to come by stateside, but it was certainly something not to be missed out on. Yeasayer Was the Wildcard Hit of the Festival Mayer Hawthorne’s smooth and soulful set complete with classy, full band. Although he was 35 minutes late to the stage, he certainly left an impression on everyone there.ASTR’s surprisingly energetic and fantastic main stage show. They’re a fantastic up-and-coming band. As the headliner of the better-attended day of Escape, Moby came prepared with a plan to leave a lasting impression; he intended to make the audience move. His goal was successfully achieved. Not one person was standing still during the highly recognizable producer’s 90-minute DJ set. Moby had a strong command over the crowd with his progressive and ambient grooves, so much so that I didn’t want the party to stop. While he is one of the most recognizable figures in electronic music, Moby does not tour nearly as often as he used to, citing that more time on the road leaves him with less time to create music. It was a rare, fantastic set, one that highlighted the entirety of the festival.Girl Talk Ends Escape On A High Note Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is one of the first electronic artists of the millennial age to challenge the creative status quo and because of that, he is synonymous with the term “mash-up artist”. Needless to say, when he took the stage as the closing act of Escape Music Festival, the crowd went wild. In fact, the small audience adored him so much that many of them stormed the stage. While the set was only an hour long due to a strict curfew, the DJ made the whole 60 minutes worth it by bringing his A-game to all those still around. After witnessing a slight air of negativity throughout the weekend, Girl Talk’s closing performance made the entire festival worth it. A few more notable moments from the inaugural Escape Music Festival:The Joy Formidable’s set was so intimate that the lead singer was able to come out into the crowd and play an unplugged song with being accosted. Between the hard-hitting Euro DJs on the lineup and the show stopping headliners scheduled for later in the first evening, the Brooklyn-based indie rock band Yeasayer felt somewhat out of place. Once they got started, however, we were blown away by their performance. With a tight and well balanced set combined with a very positive reaction from the crowd, the group managed to rock the main stage and leave a lasting impression. It seemed as if the band and the audience were feeding off of each others’ positive energy. Whatever the factor was, it was a fantastic set that raised the bar for the rest of the weekend’s music.When Moby DJs, You Dance!center_img – Marisa Frydman (@musicalmarisa)[All photos by Corey Regensburger] [STRFKR][Neon Indian] And finally, upbeat and unexpectedly fantastic DJ sets from STRFKR and Neon Indian! As we took the ferry over from the Southern tip of Manhattan to Governor’s Island through the gloomy skies on a seasonable cold first day of Escape Music Festival, we had one distinct thought; this is going to be unlike any other festival we’ve ever attended. Sure enough, we were correct.Escape promoted itself as escape from harsh reality, an Ibiza-style party the likes of something New Yorkers have never witnessed. And because of its last minute venue change from Brooklyn’s Pier 9 to Governor’s Island, which is usually closed in October, the boat ride made the festival feel more like a literal escape from the city. Although the method of travel proved itself to be a nuisance for artists and fans alike, the view from the main stage was simply unbeatable.Logistical errors aside, this small festival packed a powerful punch. While attendance was noticeably low, Escape provided great way for all artists and DJs to connect with their fans on a more intimate level. Most artists were even able to party with their biggest admirers mid-performance! The small audience size lent itself to some amazing, you-had-to-be-there, music moments that could compete against experiences at stadium shows and other larger festivals. There was so much great music from many diverse backgrounds at Escape. Yet the moments touched upon are the ones that impacted everyone in attendance.The Crystal Method Cuts Up A Dreary SaturdayThe Crystal Method was the one of the first full acts at Escape Music Festival. The electronic music duo has been dominating the dance scene since the early 90s.  Scott Kirkland and Ken D Jordan are always a realiable way to get the party started and they delivered to an excited crowd. The Crystal Method were effectively able to cut through the thick grey sky and make the dreary October sky seem like a sunny day in July.The Elrow Stage Is Pure Insanitylast_img

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