Shanghai love to know 100% successful chain of actual combat skills

I believe in

1, as we all know, he is definitely not love Shanghai link to shield themselves, so we have to make good use of his own link to do the promotion. This chain of skills is through 100%. The following screenshot:

requires several techniques mentioned above to the grade is not high, the general level three or four can be. But need to remind is, the number of the same IP and users every day to answer as far as possible between 1 – 4. Quality is even more important than quantity.

3, the use of

4, using the experience of Shanghai love links, whether it is love or love of Shanghai or Shanghai experience is Wikipedia, these are the love of Shanghai’s products, you answer with this link is absolutely no problem. Love the experience of Shanghai just came out not long, so the tube was not strict. With one hundred percent of the connection is given through. Here is not enough. To know the love of Shanghai is not very understanding friends can refer to love "on the Shanghai experience and promotion skills".

Soso Ask to make promotion friends all know, Soso Ask the chain is relatively easy, much easier to know than the love of Shanghai. Love Shanghai will not link shield soso, so we can go to soso to ask questions to answer with the chain with the vest. Answer, go to love Shanghai know when you answer questions, with links to soso, so don’t pass. The following figure:

love Shanghai collection of links, pay attention to Oh! Is that a collection of links, rather than with your collection of page links. Because of the link with the snapshot, a user can directly to your site, if the collection page of links, users will have to do more steps to get into your site. From the user experience is still relatively good links with snapshots. For the convenience of everyone, I was good to express.

I think we all know the weight of love Shanghai know, can know leave the chain, not only the website ranking advantageous. You can even directly bring the list. Especially the site for selling more advantages. Love Shanghai know there are a lot of leave link skills, but some of the more common failure, such as: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=site%3Awww.xxx贵族宝贝 or xxx贵族宝贝 will not work. I do have half the time in Shanghai to know love, love in Shanghai recently know to stay outside the chain of experience to share with you, and I hope to help friends in Shanghai also promote sex.


is the author of feather apprentice rain, wings SEM team members. In this paper, welcome to reprint in A5 first, please indicate the original by www.chengliauto贵族宝贝. Love Shanghai know exchange group: 117435118 welcome to join.

The use of SOSO

2, ask the link, this can be directly benefit.

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