Shanghai dragon industry eight true lies your letter

in their company

no one can guarantee that, unless you’re a search engine. Otherwise, no one can have such a great grasp. Everyone is independent of search engines, only their own search engines in order to determine what is the website included, what should be the page ranking. No one can enjoy privileges in Shanghai or noble love baby, if someone said this to you, please do not believe.

if you hear when Shanghai Longfeng service providers told you this sentence, you can put this sentence as garbage. A website of the vast majority of search engine traffic from the 10-20 search engine. This is a conservative figure. In China, do stand friends knew, really bring traffic to the site search engine so few.

if someone guarantee ranking, probably he will use some of the outdated "black hat" approach, take your company to the fire.

[Shanghai] to the real dragon lies one of the hundreds of search engine website presentation.


[three] Shanghai dragon true lies that home page ranking, the invalid refund

[five] Shanghai dragon true lies and we love Shanghai, noble baby particularly good relationship, we have people

[four] Shanghai Longfeng true lies ensure rapid ranking, ensure permanent ranking

eight true lies in Shanghai dragon industry, you believe it? Is Shanghai dragon peer friends, if you are using these eight lies you with your customers?

search engine rankings quickly and no one can guarantee. How soon can see ranking, how fast can hit the first, who is to say that no matter how experienced TA. Shanghai dragon master has a special experience to estimate the time range at most about the website ranking. Because the search engine every day in the collection of new sites, included in the new content every day. Who can not guarantee that there is no better behind the web site or the content of the page to replace your position.

[two] Shanghai dragon true lies we love Shanghai and specifically for the noble baby to Shanghai Longfeng optimization

search engine optimization, not for a search engine optimization, but the optimal structure and page of the website, is the general search engine oriented, rather than for a search engine company. Each search engine, only one purpose is as far as possible to search the content you want to show him, also is the user experience. So, only your internal structure and content of the page optimization is good enough, the content of the page to write well enough to rank better in search engines.

if there is Shanghai dragon service provider staff told you above, please don’t believe. They may be in love in Shanghai, the Babi Corp is aristocratic acquaintances or "partners", the search engine ranking is each search >

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