Shanghai algorithm conjecture about love

is for the love of Shanghai came right or be K website, the author combines the N on the Internet and circle of friends is the website of K were analyzed and found the following results:

Dragon Boat Festival, this should be a day of joy, but the love of Shanghai gave the webmaster and Shanghai dragon Er on the emergency of the moment is right down by the K website which is beyond count, why stationmaster friends cannot calm. For the love of Shanghai recently frequent updates, make the Internet industry is turbulent, the author also very upset with heart here and we chatted about some love Shanghai recently data analysis some of the conjecture, I hope to help friends.

site for the serious is the replacement of a new domain name or the WWW analysis to without WWW, I believe many of my friends have done so; in addition to rebind a domain name to the site, also is to let the search engine included new domain name, web site to be search engine by this time, we will be redirected to the new domain name domain name K. In fact, this is a tricky way, which is the first to ban all search engines crawl your site, such as the weight of your site and included in the recovery after the re BAR domain pointer to the original site.


The author suggests that the method of K The

can check for chain have a huge loss or check Links site has been K is down right if the circumstances are relatively minor, there is no space with IP site is K. As long as we find out the cause, an antidote against the disease and write some original articles, and then find some high weight website, in exchange for some Links website, only.

survey found that an original site in the affected site in Shanghai to punish the fluctuations in love. With only the teacher’s words is "a super group, there are almost more than 200 webmaster website was K, and the website ranking large-scale fluctuation phenomenon continues to spread". I think this is the website is one reason why K is most serious, that is your website content too much repetition, readability is not high, the content is almost copied the N+1 times. There is a website of the frequency is not well controlled, such as the frequency of updates, we do at the same time we also need to pay attention to the quality of the number and frequency of the website is best to grasp, let search engines crawl your site regularly. If using Google Adsense management tools inside the "improved HTML" function view site can not clear the friend "element description and repeat" duplicate title tag ", or I can.

one of the reasons is the cause of the K that is the site keywords stack, keyword density is too high, and the keywords anchor text is too single, almost all point to the home page of the website. This is a fatal injury, is a manifestation of belong to excessive optimization. How should we deal with these phenomenon?



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