Using the method of love experience of Shanghai tourism website promotion

can know, inside is basically a modified line of travel website published, but published must have skills, like tourism website, the title and the attractions are clear, clear out of date, if it is to do the chain, of course, also have to consider the customer search habits, like small this is a part of "how to within two days traveled to Yongding’s main attractions – Nanjing Tulou"

In fact, look at the title of

see love Shanghai experience "travel", I believe that for many travel, want to do a lot of this optimization, but Xiaobian look, the number is today by more than 10, think of so many websites do optimization, and through the more than 10 is how a concept:

Those who love the sea

this search habits fail to take into account, some optimization can better, change "of course Yongding – Nanjing Tulou play tour guide", and different search methods of customers, we can not determine how to search, but we can lower our website:




red mark where the data is generally display position and some websites such as statistics, site survey, traffic sources, search words, external links…… On the information, we can see some public customer search habits from the search words and to confirm the search word. Then love is Shanghai’s experience on the content of the layout, we know that the Shanghai experience is love for graphic favorite way, good typography is one of the security by the line, like the release:



‘s products have become the site optimization personnel will learn courses, therefore, relatively speaking, the love of Shanghai’s products do optimization is more and more difficult, is also a problem with a link. Now, know, Wikipedia, experience these, are the most main area of Shanghai Er do optimization of the dragon. Said today is some small tourism websites do love Shanghai experience.

and our main one is as shown in the chart above links: Shenzhen travel agency +>


like these small marks out of these scenic spots, can search some pictures in Shanghai love pictures, travel up, below the standard picture or pictures on travel in the next, a line of travel, one of the two pictures is excellent, not too much. Each step method gives a little column, it looks more neatly, and clearly, returned there is a small reason is because "the reasons for return content columns is not clear". When the line is released after the completion of travel, it is best to note below or reminder:

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