The chain construction should follow the two steps, from the face to the lining

so when you always want to do a lot of time in the home, links, love Shanghai when can give more traffic to us, in fact, now a web site outside of the chain if more than from other website, will have a bad effect, the chain is important, but if only the accumulation in the home page, you will see a different love Shanghai for your punishment, so if the chain, please estimate the inside pages of feeling.


always think, the inside pages of the chain page? How to do outside the chain, can exchange links, when Shanghai launched love love Shanghai share, I think should be for this purpose, one is the chain of publicity page in the transfer, on the other hand is to collect the user experience. Experience aside, what page to share, if you think a good website, you can share it to page or inside pages? Are we only see when pages we can answer the answer to the puzzle, we can go back home to share share, why say so, this is? For a value judgment, just as you do at home, but in the end what can bring home to the user, he conveyed the answer as to the inside pages effectively, to the information is not within the page to introduce > comfortable

as the year of the wheat bags, under the huge search Taobao ranked third, but ultimately did not Taobao ranking, crackdown in Shanghai love, to borrow other high traffic keywords ranking based on wheat bags Taobao ranking with wood. Always, always love Shanghai vigorously improve their audit mechanism for the chain, always want to let the chain of less weight, less weight transfer can be more accurate to him should have effect, weight, and not a chain with the chain from the correlation. From the aspect of complementarity, and so on, to judge the relationship between the two sites, the chain is a non too not hom.

most of the time, when we have been wandering, have been thinking, have been working for their own website construction huge chain mechanism, always forget many should have the chain arrangement, because those who watched a Links, which is not the home, if the home is a face it, you give it too much, a site when the huge chain has brought home when, it is to let the search page know so many points, should not give a better ranking than the official website ah, ah, think much of it, the is absolutely impossible.

want to talk about the face and lining of the construction of the chain of today, what is the face, what is inside, it is the process of the barycenter offset of the chain, the face is home, lining is the inside pages, always want to say the weight of the chain arrangement problem of face and lining, this article came up to view his elaboration from the perspective of it, how to keep his face, and let yourself get the maximum full lining.

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