Task force confiscating rice seller stocks over 500kg

first_img Facebook Twitter News By Kang Mi Jin – 2015.12.15 2:20pm Reports have come out of North Korea thatthe authorities have issued a new rule forbidding any one seller from havingmore than 500 kg of rice. Anyone found to be violating this rule can expecttheir excess supply to be confiscated by the authorities, Daily NK has learned. On the 9th, our Daily NK reporter spokewith a source from Yanggang Province, who informed us that this law targeting merchantsis being enforced by the “Food Supply Task Force.” Things are no different in South HamgyongProvince, according to a Daily NK source there. In the Leebok District ofHamhung City the task forces “will go after trucks that are transportingrice stores. When traffic gets backed up because of snow, members of this taskforce will jump into the cars and inspect them, snatching away the extrasupplies of rice of anyone caught with over 500 kilos,” she said. Because most purveyors of rice purchasetheir product in quantities well over this amount, most of already fallenvictim to the task force’s ruthless inspections. “Up until now, the marketshave been largely free of crackdowns and regulations, so everybody is wonderingwhat is behind this sudden change in policy,” the Yanggang Province sourcereported. “Some are suspicious that the authoritiesare trying to build up their own rice stores in advance of the 7th Party Congress slated for next year, as they will have to plan how much they can distributeto the citizenry,” he said. Because of the road seizures of rice by thetask force, and increased difficulty in transporting rice in heavy and unwieldyvehicles on icy roads, rice prices on the markets are skyrocketing. Prior tothe crackdown, rice prices were 4700 KPW  [0.54 USD] in November, but they have recentlyrisen by as much as 700-800 KPW per kilogram to reach a price of 5500 KPW [0.64 USD].For now, all that excess rice is piling up across a spate of state-owned warehouses and is particularly distressing for local residents to witness. “As the nation readies itself for next year’s Party meeting, the atmosphere is tense, and market sellers feel theycannot voice their complaints. Instead, they must stand by and watch whiletheir fruitless anger smolders in their hearts and rice prices rise all overthe country, from Pyongsong to Hyesan,” he concluded.  Kang Mi JinKang Mi JinKang Mi Jin is a North Korean defector turned journalist who fled North Korea in 2009. She has a degree in economics and writes largely on marketization and economy-related issues for Daily NK. Questions about her articles can be directed to [email protected] News RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR SHAREcenter_img Task force confiscating rice seller stocks over 500kg News Proposal to shift “general markets” to “specialized markets” finds little support among N. Korean leaders North Korea Market Price Update: June 8, 2021 (Rice and USD Exchange Rate Only) NewsEconomy US dollar and Chinese reminbi plummet against North Korean won once again last_img

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