Since ten years ago after Mu Zimei’s red hot why Shanghai dragon industry has no red net

2016 net red fire completely, so people began to look for the red net first, in accordance with the modern network of red evaluation standards, talent + beauty, she seems to have a little color value, but of talent, a blog era is the "Red Fuji Mu Zimei", because she represents a trend, the rise of blog, since the media is on the rise, after this, Shanghai dragon had optimization after the fire, but did not hit the red net, which is why

!Shanghai dragon


Shanghai Longfeng optimization is to do flow, flow for the purpose of cash, while net profit space is red "flow", the Shanghai dragon website ranked in the search engine optimization for the first few pages, web traffic to the site to bring thousands or even tens of thousands of IP, let Shanghai Longfeng optimization pleased with oneself. However, in the face of "Red Net" hundreds of millions, tens of millions of fans, Shanghai dragon suddenly seem powerless, especially for the website optimization of love and hate "Baidu", because of the recent medical advertising auction "playing with fire", the search engine suffered the largest in the history of the crisis, in the mobile Internet, I almost want to sing a dirge, today talk about why Shanghai dragon industry no net red


know a range of traditional media and new media friends say this is because this is a friend to do network marketing, promotion of the "business", mainly issued a press release to the network media, because of the big media sites all time costs, so to do a few websites, then the press release on their website, said, immediately get a "hundred station plan! This is a good idea, but a news website, on the flow of how they have done over 10000! Shanghai Longfeng optimization knows. Let alone one hundred sites, even if a website optimization is not good, it is very difficult to get traffic from search engine results, only a few friends, this website, less than half the time to give up the" good "< / plan! P>

for most of the site of the Shanghai dragon optimization, usually around a business or product, and the optimization is the core of three to five words, think of some keywords daily flow is limited, and belongs to the optimization of industry is very strong so that more is the professional website, because the target population is less, less traffic, mostly do the small business. Compared with the tens of thousands of red network traffic, the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng is able to have ultimate website can bring hundreds of thousands of

optimized to do a small business of hundreds of thousands of flow is the limit of

"beauty" + "brilliant" net value of more than Confidante Shanghai Longfeng practitioners N times

Papi sauce label is set "beauty and talent in one"! This and most red anchor, whether it is identical, the network or network game play, red net yen value is the entry of the foundation, here, let me think of a personal experience.


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