Share of my employees in Shanghai Dragon

As the saying goes, master >

I remember when I started the situation about is this: when I work for an IDC company, engaged in technical support work, the company is selling the domain name, web hosting, almost every day is dealing with the site, then has not contacted the Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, also don’t know what it is things, because the technology of the big things are the boss in the operation, one day, to see an advertisement on our website, 1 yuan ranking, then later learned, how could 1 yuan of money, turned out to be a boss in the Taobao ads, then mean pay one yuan. Results after the payment, but also know, no money can give free website ranking, here, you must like my feeling, there are so magical things, then began to find in this area Data, the first thought is to join the QQ group, and then started my Shanghai dragon road.

you know, do Shanghai dragon who swarm up, needless to say we all know is MOON, MOON can be said in the QQ group to achieve the ultimate, you search on the Shanghai dragon group, basically more than 90% of all their group, but now I hate the most is they. Because, I really dislike their MLM way by their harassment should be few, if you received a strange invitation, then you need to learn everything he nine out of ten are Shanghai dragon, invite you to join the group, then that is free of charge, and then later to VIP you can learn, and is free of charge, who does not love ah, I remember when I saw an advertisement in such a group, free learning Shanghai dragon, welcome novice, veteran don’t, don’t Is I need you, oh, say this is their killer, do not know how many people fooled ah, so now a lot of the main see Q age is 0, then the address is Changsha, directly blocked, do not let go into the group, remember, and then in the group listened to some of the things most important but neither painful nor itching, or listening, then class also listened to, but listen to two or three times have not been to, but also access to their forum, all know that water is the general forum, the real thing is very few, so you have to go on the altar, must be piercing eye this is me, I found the master, he was in Beijing, I was in Shanghai, there has been no change, so far we have never met before, but I master a good person, although the age is not big, but very warm, basically The answer is, there is no free lunch, yes, because she is not my cousin, is not my friend, he has no obligation to teach me, this I know, because I was doing IDC, so the hands of the space is not to spend money, just have the needs of the master of course, I was good, sometimes I will give him some mobile phone calls are charged, some small master gave me a lot of basic things, I started that curious to know of the questions answered.

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