Good user analysis with internal web site optimization is the kingly way

website internal optimization is to meet the needs of users, to meet the needs of users, we must first understand the needs of users, so that they can have a good layout. We have empathy, if you are a user if you want to know is what products? We can use love Shanghai search results and the drop-down box related search and other aspects of the user. The recent hot weather, search for "air conditioning" users very much, I will use the keywords for example.

as the Shanghai dragon occupation personnel, a large part of every day to stop the chain to write articles, but the ranking is not ideal, in the face of the pressure of the boss if you still blindly repeat the above operation, the final result is the ranking stop in place, unable to get to the place. Is facing the danger of being fired. But we really reflect on? Site ranking which plays a decisive role? Today and talk about the release of the chain to maximize the effect in optimizing the internal circumstances will improve website internal optimization plays the role of absolute in keyword ranking. We need to optimize the internal

like air conditioning brand air conditioning, ranking the long tail keywords, once the user search this kind of word, there is the intention to buy, we put these words up to do, although less than the user pan word, but the precise flow, search these words are all users desire to buy. It is recommended that we must choose the core keywords, not too broad, with precision and accuracy, let users to search you want to buy products.

1, Shanghai love the drop-down box and relevant search analysis

The core of

2, natural ranking and competitor analysis

how to operate?

love Shanghai drop-down box is the keyword most directly reflects the user in the last week of frequent search, we search the keywords in the keyword drop-down box, air conditioning, high frequency, air conditioning repair, air conditioning cleaning, air conditioning brand rankings, which shows a part of the user is already have air conditioning, they only for maintenance and clean air conditioning of interest, illustrated by the keywords to flow though, but not accurately, 10 users can have 2 to buy air conditioning to search, it is not recommended to do this pan word, this word is not the type of company team is unable to do it, even if done, the flow is not accurate, the single rate is low, and the periodic hypernym may be very long, this is a thankless.


in the search for the words of air conditioning, we want to see the natural ranking of search engine is given, not including the bidding, analysis. Search natural ranking the first position after the air conditioning is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia, I also had this problem before, why natural ranking position is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia, we in the search drop-down box can also analyze this problem. Because in search of the word user is the most basic knowledge of air conditioning and air conditioning.


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