Love Shanghai website specific URL chain query and sense

through the "site: the construction of the chain. The chain point. (key words)" and "points to the chain. (keywords) site: practice shows that the construction of the chain site", this method is simple, but not too many query returns query results — especially in seafood products, have to be screened, the efficiency is too low, not too ideal.


well I love Shanghai in "how to query the collection articles outside the chain of" repeatedly after the experiment to determine the love of Shanghai "domain:. The title of the article (keywords)" (or "title of the article keywords domain: URL) query love Shanghai included articles outside the chain, can be used in the query has been included in Shanghai love site specific URL in all chain" on it (that is, "domain: points to the chain. The chain construction site keywords)" (or "chain to chain. Key words domain: query URL")

friend want to query your site must be designated search engines (such as love Shanghai) which included specific URL URL (domain name or top two websites) all of the chain, it is also a new problem for me has not thought.



love Shanghai know someone asked: "how can I check the site in love Shanghai products, such as Shanghai love to know how much the reverse link love Shanghai space inside the


in support of major search engine query instructions are not the same, I start from accounted for more than 80% of the domestic search traffic test love Shanghai.

I chose their own blog in the chain of love, love Shanghai, Shanghai know Post Bar love Shanghai in space as the query object (blog, because I love Shanghai in the three products in the chain are not too much, their basic idea, check) after the discovery, results are not ideal, this method I query the blog in the chain of love Shanghai in space is found some (not all); but I love Shanghai in the query blog know, love is the sea outside the chain post in all "has nothing to do with the case", really no one outside the chain.

love Shanghai "inurl: Chain Web site keywords (chain direction.)" the effect of query method is not very good, "inurl: love Shanghai Post Bar blog site" and "love Shanghai inurl: space blog site" is respectively query my blog article 2 chain, but not with the chain number I do there is a big gap between the number, and ">

"site: web site keywords" (or "site:.") query method! This is the love of Shanghai, Google search engine support "query the designated site site included contains a site instructions specific keywords page number", I immediately thought of love this method can meet the requirements of Shanghai should be.

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