How to do web site navigation optimization


two, do not use pictures and

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enterprise website in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, one of which is the site navigation optimization, optimization of site navigation related to the user experience is good, a good user experience of the site can be more convenient for users to browse the site, reduce the site bounce rate to a certain extent, improve the conversion rate of users. Today to share with you about how to do the site navigation optimization.

4. priceAccording to the classification of

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first to find out, we have to meet the needs of users before, must clear a concept, what is our user groups and we operate the product needs of users? Is directly through the website, which produced "

on the five, from the user’s point of view

according to the classification of industry attributesAccording to the classification of

navigation bar, is one of the most important entrance of our website. I can say is the overall classification of navigation on the content of the website, so we do classification can be very direct to visitors showing the overall structure of the site. User can timely find the content they need, not easy to get lost in the web site. But in the search engine of the site index when crawling level clear and intuitive also makes the search engine is very convenient to capture the entire site information.

general navigation we can copy, must comply with the type of industry, how to operate the navigation Catalogue:

three, highlighting the key to optimize

2.3. according to the


why focus to optimize, because when the weight of the front page of our website continues to improve, so the share of the weight in navigation is quite high, classified by the previously mentioned, according to the size of our limited space navigation, navigation into the appropriate text, you can also choose our words, so you can the weight of transmission, improve the keywords weight value, so we should reasonable operation, not a waste of resources.


, a clear and intuitive navigation directory

four, according to industry adjustment for navigation

in the guide webmaster optimization and love Shanghai noble baby we see that search engine is unable to identify the picture and button code, so even if the use of these does not bring any benefits to our optimization, although Google and love Shanghai has increased in the image recognition technology, but to a very mature stage still need time the continuous scrutiny before, so now still honest with the anchor text in the form of well classified description, keywords and target keywords navigation home to avoid conflict, but not between navigation keywords in superior subordinate relationship.

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