On bidding keywords classification summary

1, collect and collate industry related keywords, grouped according to part of speech.

3, after grouping words added to the corresponding unit in

creative TITLE 25 men, 1, 2 of the 40 creative creative man (Chinese symbols show 2 characters, English symbol accounted for one character) to do the test center long key phrases (wildcard text words are basic can ensure smooth and rosy (> =2)) Note: common creative preview on the left, the left promotion promotion link, right link and mobile equipment promotion. (punctuation symbol (^) for the PC right link available)

unit remains keywords about 15-30 unit did not bid keywords each unit demand under the mobile access URL related settings for keywords, bid matching mode, visit url. You can use the phrase precision, long tail word phrase – core


four, as a unit of creative writing


is mainly around the keywords related degree, fluent, recording of keywords unit of adding reasonable guarantees at least 2-3 times before.

2, according to the plan and unit keywords with promotion assistant need to create the corresponding local name enabled, bid attribute related settings.

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