Questlove Mourns His Fallen Chicken Shop Hybird

first_imgIn another smooth move by the host with the most, Questlove has released a bold statement regarding the closing of his (primarily) fried chicken stand. Hybird was opened in May of 2013 with a pricey and varying menu, but to an excited and willing audience. Though the Chelsea Market was an ideal place to host the stand (which also had dumplings, cupcakes, and slushies), his restaurateur partner Stephen Starr agreed that maybe now was not the time for the bird to fly the cook.Somewhat complexly, and in 800 very Questlove-like words, he writes about his motivation and commitment to ever-developing ideas; his growing passion for food and how he came to idolize certain chefs. He compared their work to the work of jazz greats, and how he drew inspiration from them in the same way he was inspired by his hip-hop predecessors. He recognized the recognition, listing off the praise Hybird received during its short flight. It was in his final nod to his chicken stand that he might have let it go- Questlove admits to losing balance, to not being ready for the restaurant road.He begins and ends the eulogy with metaphorically challenging, but relevant questions, which all warrant responses:To Get To The Other Side“’tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers.” —william shakespeare“I never half step cause I’m not a half stepper”—phife dawgthe bird has flown the coup—or did it jump the shark?what goes up must come downton (class issues aside)it wasn’t no thang but a chicken wang (actually it was a drumstick) ?how birdy can a high (concept) beez?speaking of beez, did we beez in a trap?fool disclosure (once more w/ feeling): most of you know that i stay on my culinary grind and a few months back i opened up my hybird stand in chelsea market w/ restaurateur steven starr. long story short, we closed hybird (but you sorta know that… don’t you?)now that I’ve cut to the chase bear w/ me while i chase my tale a lil more.I’m about nothing if I’m not about ideas (or if I’m getting my tautological on… if I ain’t about an idea, I’m about nothin’). sculpting ideas, smacking ‘em, flipping ‘em, rubbing ‘em down or waving them in the air like I just don’t care… these are “the things” of my life. a meme’s a terrible thing to waste (and I’ve wasted quite a few here), mine are like my children and I really, really care about them (yes, I care very deeply). I guess you can say I’m passionate, so much so, I almost literally wear my heart on my sleeve (well, it actually resides on my lapel, but I digress).I love music, I love art, I love literature, theatre, tv, film and smart, big-hearted women (tmi). over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with ideas about food (my new old gal). I can’t exactly remember when it happened but, at some point, I realized that my lego shield had been struck by cupid when I began to hold ferran adria and jiro in the same high regard previously only reserved for say… jay dilla.i too dreamed of sushi or techno emotional cuisine in the same vein as dreaming of new breakbeats or organizing harmony. so i dabble and ate and studied and ate and dreamed and ate becoming friends with some of the greatest chefs on the entire planet. the top ones cook like the best jazzmen, like gil or bill evans. they’re thoughtful, nerdy, sensitive types, dreamers that waltz for the debs or pull deliciousness out of their having come forward, now it’s time to stand down. the stand is down. my foodie partner (starr) and i have killed the lofty idealized hybird (after all, they shoot chickens don’t they?). kinda weird to pull the plug considering the bird’s critical swag: cover of new york magazine, mentions in the new york times, bon appetit, food & wine, elle, the new yorker, zagat, paper magazine, new york post, village voice, time out, the hollywood reporter, vogue, and a cameo on the view where sherri shepherd and jenny mccarthy came to hybird to meet me for lunch.but after a lifetime of balancing art and commerce i find myself once again at the fork knife and spoon in the road. and unlike my other jobs this venture isn’t survival based (as you know… “I be riding around and getting it”). if anything its from the heart (my real one) and it’s not satisfying that heart it’s not satisfying at all. and so bye bye birdie. chicken, scratched. the killing was kinda akin to throwing your pretty, witty, emo daughter under the bus….well….because she’s a pretty, witty, emo chick who’s become taken w/ dancing at the edge of a fiscal cliff. (say what say what say whuuuut?). thing is.. the gentle curves of daughter’s arabesque looked far more graceful portending ruin (well, as my biz manager would say “diminishing returns”) then they looked selling out (or outright selling. luck be a lady after all right?). at the end of the day, the “poor sales” were turning the corner, but the girl was getting left behind (so what ensued? think hilary swank in that million dollar baby joint… more on this miss later).so consider this to be part one of my grubby missive…or would that be a dis-missive (potato, frittata, let’s call the whole thing off)). I expect to be expecting follow-ups, as inquiring inquirers will certainly want to be knowing, but in the meantime, I’ll preemptively leave you with some questo questions.1) hybird may have become a chicken without a head, but could it have been a lame duck?2) the chicken or the egg?3) Invocation or lost in translation?4) flown coup or avian flew?5) seasoned ending or cliffhanger?stay tuned for part the deux, deux (I’ll be back but for now just seckle).r.i.p. hybird 2014-2013last_img read more

Noise Restrictions At Red Rocks Amphitheatre, EDM to Blame

first_imgRed Rocks Amphitheatre, the gorgeous outdoor venue in Denver, CO, is responding to local complaints by enforcing a new noise restriction policy. According to a Denver Post article that interviewed Kent Rice, the director of arts and venues in the city, EDM is to blame.“It is a particular kind of music that has become more popular in the last five years. which is why complaints have gotten more frequent,” said Rice. “Local residents were complaining that “windows rattle, buildings shake and the earth hums whenever an electronic dance music concert is held.” In response to the local unrest, Red Rocks brought in a noise consultant to assess the situation. In turn, the new rules limit average noise levels to 105 decibels after midnight (on weekdays) or 1 a.m. (on weekends). Additionally, low-fequency noises must be limited to 125 decibels. Artists could be charged up to $10,000 per every five infractions. While some may feel that these new rules are restrictive, Michal Menert, a frequent performer at Red Rocks, thinks they might help emphasize the music. In a second Denver Post article, the DJ commented, “If anything, this is going to bring more dynamic out in the music because it will allow more frequencies to breathe. It will be less in-your-face sound coming at you and more dynamic.”What do you think? Are these restrictions necessary to appease local residents, or will they reduce the quality of EDM performances at Red Rocks?-David Melamed (@DMelamz)last_img read more

Expect The Unexpected: The Best Things I Saw At Escape Music Festival

first_imgPlacebo’s big, North American comeback. No other description needed. Escape promised a party like no other and they certainly delivered through the Ibiza-party inspired Elrow Stage. I have to admit that I am not familiar with many of the DJs that play in the rave tent such as Boris and Miss Kitten, as most have their stronger, core fan bases across the pond in the UK, Spain, and the rest of Europe. Yet the sheer mayhem and spectacle of Escape’s smaller stage was more than enough to break this slightly-stoic music fan. Within minutes, I was dancing in a stream of constant confetti with fellow fans wearing inflatable doughnuts and characters in stilts. Parties like the one I partook in at The Elrow Stage are hard to come by stateside, but it was certainly something not to be missed out on. Yeasayer Was the Wildcard Hit of the Festival Mayer Hawthorne’s smooth and soulful set complete with classy, full band. Although he was 35 minutes late to the stage, he certainly left an impression on everyone there.ASTR’s surprisingly energetic and fantastic main stage show. They’re a fantastic up-and-coming band. As the headliner of the better-attended day of Escape, Moby came prepared with a plan to leave a lasting impression; he intended to make the audience move. His goal was successfully achieved. Not one person was standing still during the highly recognizable producer’s 90-minute DJ set. Moby had a strong command over the crowd with his progressive and ambient grooves, so much so that I didn’t want the party to stop. While he is one of the most recognizable figures in electronic music, Moby does not tour nearly as often as he used to, citing that more time on the road leaves him with less time to create music. It was a rare, fantastic set, one that highlighted the entirety of the festival.Girl Talk Ends Escape On A High Note Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is one of the first electronic artists of the millennial age to challenge the creative status quo and because of that, he is synonymous with the term “mash-up artist”. Needless to say, when he took the stage as the closing act of Escape Music Festival, the crowd went wild. In fact, the small audience adored him so much that many of them stormed the stage. While the set was only an hour long due to a strict curfew, the DJ made the whole 60 minutes worth it by bringing his A-game to all those still around. After witnessing a slight air of negativity throughout the weekend, Girl Talk’s closing performance made the entire festival worth it. A few more notable moments from the inaugural Escape Music Festival:The Joy Formidable’s set was so intimate that the lead singer was able to come out into the crowd and play an unplugged song with being accosted. Between the hard-hitting Euro DJs on the lineup and the show stopping headliners scheduled for later in the first evening, the Brooklyn-based indie rock band Yeasayer felt somewhat out of place. Once they got started, however, we were blown away by their performance. With a tight and well balanced set combined with a very positive reaction from the crowd, the group managed to rock the main stage and leave a lasting impression. It seemed as if the band and the audience were feeding off of each others’ positive energy. Whatever the factor was, it was a fantastic set that raised the bar for the rest of the weekend’s music.When Moby DJs, You Dance!center_img – Marisa Frydman (@musicalmarisa)[All photos by Corey Regensburger] [STRFKR][Neon Indian] And finally, upbeat and unexpectedly fantastic DJ sets from STRFKR and Neon Indian! As we took the ferry over from the Southern tip of Manhattan to Governor’s Island through the gloomy skies on a seasonable cold first day of Escape Music Festival, we had one distinct thought; this is going to be unlike any other festival we’ve ever attended. Sure enough, we were correct.Escape promoted itself as escape from harsh reality, an Ibiza-style party the likes of something New Yorkers have never witnessed. And because of its last minute venue change from Brooklyn’s Pier 9 to Governor’s Island, which is usually closed in October, the boat ride made the festival feel more like a literal escape from the city. Although the method of travel proved itself to be a nuisance for artists and fans alike, the view from the main stage was simply unbeatable.Logistical errors aside, this small festival packed a powerful punch. While attendance was noticeably low, Escape provided great way for all artists and DJs to connect with their fans on a more intimate level. Most artists were even able to party with their biggest admirers mid-performance! The small audience size lent itself to some amazing, you-had-to-be-there, music moments that could compete against experiences at stadium shows and other larger festivals. There was so much great music from many diverse backgrounds at Escape. Yet the moments touched upon are the ones that impacted everyone in attendance.The Crystal Method Cuts Up A Dreary SaturdayThe Crystal Method was the one of the first full acts at Escape Music Festival. The electronic music duo has been dominating the dance scene since the early 90s.  Scott Kirkland and Ken D Jordan are always a realiable way to get the party started and they delivered to an excited crowd. The Crystal Method were effectively able to cut through the thick grey sky and make the dreary October sky seem like a sunny day in July.The Elrow Stage Is Pure Insanitylast_img read more

Additional Grateful Dead 50th Reunion Dates Rumored

first_imgAmidst all the craziness surrounding the Grateful Dead 50th anniversary shows at Soldier Field in Chicago July 4th weekend, rumor has it that additional shows may be added to the run.Error Messages Plague Grateful Dead Reunion Travel Package SaleAccording to HYPE Music Festivals, a “very well-connected source in the music industry” has revealed that additional Grateful Dead reunion dates are on the way. The shows would be in Santa Clara the weekend before Fare Thee Well, with Warren Haynes rumored to be the frontman.As Grateful Dead Reunion Breaks Ticketmaster On-Sale Record, Promoters Plan Simulcast OptionsThe West Coast has a great deal of significance to the band and would mean a lot more than Chicago to many Deadheads, HYPE points out. We will keep you posted as developments unfold!L4LM Presents: Pink Talking Fish Are Dead – A Grateful Dead ‘Fare Thee Well’ Afterparty, 7/4last_img read more

Yes & Toto Announce Co-Headlining Summer Tour

first_imgClassic rock bands YES and Toto have announced a co-headlining summer tour, playing at major arenas and venues nationwide. Kicking off in early August at the Fox Theater at Foxwoods Casino, the tour will bring both bands across the country for just over a month’s worth of performing.Yes will release a new live CD/DVD, Like It Is, on July 7th, and Toto just released their newest studio album, Toto XIV, their first in a decade.“We are so honored to be touring with our musical heroes, YES” remarked Toto founder/guitarist Steve Lukather. “Life changing music for me and the guys and we even have a song on our new record totally inspired by them so it is a lifelong love of their music that has kept us fans to this day. We all stood and waited in line for tickets to see Close to the Edge and Topographic.. many many shows as young upcoming musicians/fans in the 70’s and were blown away and inspired to be better musicians and composers by YES’s amazing music, musicianship and insanely cool live shows. This is a crazy dream come true for us and we can’t wait to do this tour and to make new friends and solidify old friendships.”More information can be found via the YES website.Yes & Toto Tour DatesAug 07 – Fox Theater, Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket CT Aug 08 – New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark NJ Aug 09 – Event Center, Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, Atlantic City NJ Aug 11 – Barclays Center, Brooklyn NY Aug 12 – Pier Six Pavilion, Baltimore MD Aug 14 – The Rose Music Center at The Heights, Huber Heights OH Aug 15 – Freedom Hill Ampitheatre, Detroit MI Aug 16 – First Merit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago IL Aug 18 – Iowa State Fair, Des Moines IA Aug 19 – The Family Arena, St. Charles MO Aug 21 – Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Biloxi MS Aug 22 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park, Atlanta GA Aug 23 – Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater FL Aug 25 – The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, Houston TX Aug 26 – Majestic Theatre, San Antonio TX Aug 27 – Verizon Theatre at Grand Prairie, Grand Prairie TX Aug 30 – Denver Botanic Gardens, Littleton CO Aug 31 – Red Butte Garden Amphitheatre, Salt Lake City UT Sep 02 – AVA Amphitheater at Casino del Sol Resort, Tucson AZ Sep 04 – The Pool at Talking Stick Resort, Scottsdale AZ Sep 05 – Starlight Theater, Pala Casino Spa Resort, Pala CA Sep 06 – Greek Theatre, Los Angeles CA Sep 08 – The Mountain Winery, Saratoga CA Sep 10 – Little Creek Casino Resort, Shelton WA Sep 11 – Northern Quest Resort & Casino, Airway Hghts WA Sep 12 – Hard Rock Casino Vancouver, Coquitlam BClast_img read more

Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart Recruits Worldwide Deadheads For ‘Playin In The Band’ Video

first_imgGrateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart recruited Deadheads all around the world to join him for a special video montage celebrating all things Grateful. The clip, as seen below, features Mickey Hart, footage from old Dead shows, and clips of Deadheads jamming along to the classic tune, “Playin In The Band”. Even Sammy Hagar makes an appearance.Check it out below:As Hart says, “Without the fans there would be no us.”last_img

Roger Waters Planning Autobiography, World Tour In 2016

first_imgFans of Roger Waters have every reason to be optimistic about the future, as the Pink Floyd bassist has just revealed very active plans for 2016. Coming off of a revered performances at the Newport Folk Festival, where he was backed by My Morning Jacket, Waters is planning to write an autobiography and head out for a world tour in 2016.Watch Roger Waters’ Unbelievable Newport Folk Festival Set With My Morning JacketSpeaking to Israeli publication Haaretz, Waters told the paper that he would be writing an autobiography and heading out on a world tour. The article reads, “He’s in the process of writing an autobiography, played at the Newport Folk Festival last week, and plans to go on another world tour next year.”This would make sense, considering Waters debuted a new song during his set at Newport Folk. Waters hasn’t released a new solo album since 2005’s Ca Ira, but he has toured on various occasions since then.The full interview delves into Waters’ views on the Israeli-Paliestinian conflict, and talks about his working relationship with David Gilmour amongst other things. Gilmour is set to perform in the US in early 2016 as well.last_img read more

Wiz Khalifa Tackled and Detained by Cops for Riding Hoverboard in Airport

first_imgWiz Khalifa was tackled and then detained at Los Angeles’ LAX Airport yesterday for refusing to step down off his hoverboard. Marty McFly, we mean Wiz, was apparently zipping around on his hoverboard when Customs and Border Patrol officers asked him to step off the gadget. Wiz wasn’t having that and went on to tell the officers, “I didn’t do nothing anyway. What you want to do, put me in jail?….We can have all the conversations you want to, you end up on TMZ, become as famous as you want to be….” at which point the initial video ends. When the next clip begins, Khalifa is on the floor with officers repeatedly yelling at him to “Get on the ground! Stop resisting!”, which it doesn’t appear that he was resisting arrest at all, and repeatedly says “I am not resisting, sir.”He went on to tweet about the incident, “All because I didn’t want to ditch the [technology] everyone will be using in the next 6 months. Do what you want kids….What’s even funnier than [the cops] not bein able to do shit is they’ll be riding them soon as well. Maybe ones I design. I stand for our generation and our generation is gonna be riding hover boards so if you don’t like it eat a dick!”via GIPHYlast_img read more

20 Photos That Convey The Magic Of Phish’s Magnaball

first_imgFull Gallery Below: Load remaining images Phish Plays Scorching Secret Set To Close Out Magnaball Day Two Phish Closes Out Magnaball Festival With A (Martian) Monster Performancecenter_img Phish Magnaball Day 1: The Band Who Stepped Into Yesterday Phish’s Magnaball festival this past weekend was an absolute success. From the special sense of community throughout Watkins Glen International Raceway in New York, to wacky attractions and activities like a “laboratory” full of “scientists” and a wild late night club, to the band playing on another level throughout their eight sets of the weekend, Magnaball was truly a remarkable weekend.Photographer Patrick Hughes was on site to capture the magic of it all. Check out our top 20 photos, with a full gallery at the bottom.last_img read more

Big Freedia Announces ‘Bounce Shakedown’ Fall Tour Schedule

first_imgNew Orleans bounce queen Big Freedia will bring her unique act on the road this fall for the “Bounce Shakedown” tour. The rapper/singer/twerk master will kick things off with a hometown show at the House of Blues in New Orleans on October 20th before hitting cities across the US through mid-November.New Orleans rapper Boyfriend will open throughout the tour. Seattle-based Hibou will join on October 20-30.Look out for Big Freedia’s new single, “Crazy,” out on September 18th.Big Freedia Fall 2015 Tour DatesOctober 20 — New Orleans, LA @ House of BluesOctober 21 — Houston, TX @ House of Blues Bronze Peacock October 22 — Dallas, TX @ Cambridge Room October 25 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution October 26 — Jacksonville, FL @ Jack Rabbits October 27 — Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel October 29 — Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts October 30 — New York, NY @ Irving Plaza November 1 — Boston, MA @ Brighton Music Hall November 4 — Indianapolis, IN @ Deluxe at Old National Centre November 5 — Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s November 6 — Cleveland, OH @ The Cambridge Room at The House of Blues November 7 — Detroit, MI @ Shelter November 10 — Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge November 11 — Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theater November 13 — St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant November 15 Denver, CO @ Summit Music Halllast_img read more