Bale is fully committed to Real Madrid, insists agent

first_imgGareth Bale’s agent says the Wales international remains “100 per cent” committed to Real Madrid.Bale has been persistently linked with a move away from the Bernabeu this season, having hinted at such a switch after last year’s Champions League final and following reports of a disconnect between the 29-year-old and his team-mates.Former Tottenham man Bale played the full 90 minutes as Madrid were beaten 1-0 by Rayo Vallecano on Sunday, but head coach Zinedine Zidane later questioned whether he was fully focused.Agent Jonathan Barnett has responded to Zidane’s comments by telling BBC Wales Sport: “Gareth is 100 per cent committed to Real Madrid.”Referring to his past assertion that Bale wanted to spend the rest of his career with Madrid, Barnett added: “Nothing has changed.”Bale’s Madrid contract runs until 2022 and, while a move to Manchester United or a return to Spurs have been mooted, no clear suitors have emerged to sign a man whose £85.3million transfer from White Hart Lane in 2013 was a world record at the time.last_img read more

15 Makeup Illusions That Left Us Questioning *Everything*

first_imgPablo Picasso had his paint brush. Charles Dickens had his pen and paper. And Ava DuVernay has her scripts. The creatives who have graced our world and who continue to create and imagine have been able to bring so much creativity and beauty into our world. Can you imagine what life would be like if we could never look at the Eiffel Tower again? How would our lives differ if we could never listen to an intricately told story, or never hear another musical note played ever again? These things help to make our otherwise mundane lives more lively and interesting. And throughout the years, these forms of art have evolved as society has continued to advance and develop. In today’s world, some people are even able to produce breathtaking pieces with a makeup palette. The individuals on this list are truly artists of a new era. Their optical illusion creations are unbelievably astonishing.15ShatteredIf you’re a klutz then you definitely avoid being around glass. You know that it won’t take much for you to trip up and do something that would break that item into thousands of tiny little pieces. That’s also why you don’t own any of it. It would be like an accident waiting to happen. You may even watch yourself around other people, because you know that with your luck, you might even unintentionally end up physically hurting somebody you care about. If human beings were made of something like crystal then the illusion that this woman has so brilliantly illustrated would definitely occur around you. In fact, even though nothing like this could ever transpire, you’ve probably imagined it on more than one occasion.14A Sea Creature On LandThere are tons of different creatures out there in the fantasy world. Some of them are even combined with human beings. Mermaids, for example, have the top half of humans and the bottom half of a fish. And if you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid then you have also seen Ursula, who has octopus tentacles instead of legs. This person has apparently taken inspiration from beings like that to come up with an optical illusion of their own. We all thought that we would see things like bones, nerves, muscle, fat, and blood if we were ever to pull back the skin on our arm, but this artist shows us a unique perspective on what lies underneath. If you looked like this, you would definitely fit in under the sea with Ariel and her friends.13The Third EyeWhen you first look at this picture, you may think that this is just a close up photograph of someone’s eye. However, if you examine it a little bit closer, then you would realize that this isn’t an image of the part of your body that you see with it. It’s actually the part that you eat with. This person has just done a really good job at making her mouth look like one of her eyes. The detail here is absolutely exquisite. The iris isn’t just one color. Instead, it shows the different colored specs that come together to make it look like our eyes are just one solid shade. She’s even added eyelashes and some eyeliner to drive the illusion home. If her mouth was closed, I would have probably never realized that this was actually her lips.12Knot In Her StomachWhen someone says they have a knot in their stomach, you know that they’re not having a very pleasant experience. And even though they may say this common saying, we know that they don’t mean it literally. They’re probably really nervous about something that’s important to them, and these feelings have caused them to have that sensation. Even though the idiom isn’t literal, this woman has chosen to portray what it would look like if this phrase wasn’t just a figure of speech. It really does look like her torso has been tied up. And judging from this picture, it’s definitely a good thing that this expression is figurative because if it wasn’t then it would definitely be a pretty uncomfortable thing to go through.11Piece Of The PuzzleWhen you were a kid, your parents might have kept a variety of puzzles around the house for you to tackle. On a rainy day when you couldn’t go outside and were bored, you might have pulled out one and started tackling it. Depending on how big and difficult it was, would also depend on how long it would take you to do it. There may have even been times when you couldn’t finish it because it was so intricate. Well, this person may only have one piece to worry about, but it’s a pretty important one. This individual has made it look like their hand has been put together by a few of these pieces, but now they only have one left to finish the masterpiece.10Off With Her HeadEven if you’ve never seen Alice in Wonderland before, you’re still probably familiar with the Queen of Hearts’ infamous line, “Off with their heads.” She was notorious for saying this. Whenever she lost her temper, someone’s head would ultimately have to pay the price. In this case, it looks like this poor woman has had to. Through this optical illusion, she’s made it seem like her entire neck has been chopped off. Now, the only thing that remains is two separate parts of her body. The top part is her noggin, and the bottom half starts at the stump that was left after the separation took place. And apparently it was done so well that not a single drop of blood was shed during the process.9Say CheeseIf we didn’t have skin, we’d look pretty strange. Essentially, we would be all of those skeletons that you see during Halloween time. If you’ve ever seen an x-ray of yourself before then you would know exactly what you would appear as. This woman has probably seen her teeth when the dentist takes x-rays of it, so she thought it would be interesting to find out how that would come out looking if it was combined with her normal face, and the result is pretty spectacular. She even made it a million times more interesting by adding a couple of props to it. By bringing in the strings, it really appears as though she’s pulling her skin back so that we can all get a good look at what’s inside.8Four Faces In OneI could stare at this image for ages before getting bored. This guy used his face to add three more to it. Drawing this on a piece of paper would be amazing to see, but the fact that he was able to do this on himself is mind boggling. The first is a profile view where he is looking off to the left. The second is also a profile, but only he’s looking the opposite direction. And then the final image is of him looking forward. By combining the two profiles, he’s able to make it appear as though he’s looking forward. Having any one of these depictions would be very impressive, but the fact that he was able to do all of them makes it that much more remarkable.7Split In TwoIn cartoons, sometimes people would dress up as another character in order to trick someone that they had it out for. If it was a show like Looney Tunes then somebody might get a full body suit that they could just step into and zip up, and then when it was time for their trick to end, they would just unzip it and go on with the rest of their life. That’s what this picture reminds me of. It looks like she’s trying to play a practical joke on another individual and she’s doing that by disguising herself in a costume that she can just get zipped into. And now that she’s succeeded in carrying out her plan, it’s time to peel off her outer layer so that she can return to being her normal self once again.6No FaceWhen someone says that you have nothing going on up top, it’s definitely not a compliment. It essentially means that they think that you’re not very intelligent. If they were playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire and they needed to phone a friend, you wouldn’t even be on the list of people that they would want to call. In fact, they would rather take a random guess than use you as their lifeline. This optical illusion is a visual representation of that. It looks like the middle part of this girl’s face has been taken away from her. Someone got a really sharp knife and decided to cut a hole right through her with extreme precision. And after that, the only thing that remained were memories of what used to be.5Big MouthThis is another one of those visual representations of popular saying. When someone says that you have a big mouth it means that you can’t keep a secret. If somebody ever has some sensitive information that they don’t want to get out then the last person they would tell it to is an individual who’s incapable of keeping it to themselves. Well it looks like this guy has the biggest mouth known to mankind because it starts at his nose and then extends all the way down past his neck and clavicle, to his chest. And since his real lips are closed in this illusion it doesn’t even look like he has two sets of them. This painted on version is the only one that he possesses.4Help Me, I’m MeltingIn some places it gets insanely hot in the summer time. The heat combined with the humidity makes it nearly impossible for anyone to stay outside for too long without them becoming completely miserable. It actually leaves you longing for the days when you were bundled up and freezing your butt off. In these types of climates, you may even feel like you’re melting. But even though that’s not actually happening to you, you would swear that it was. But if you really were then this is what it would look like. It looks like this woman’s skin is paint, and someone has just thrown a bucket of water at her. And now because of that, each and every part of her is slowly coming off.3Beware Of The VortexI’m sure that you’ve watched a movie or a TV show where someone sees a swirling pool that clearly looks like it’s from out of our world, but despite its other worldly appearance, they still choose to go inside. You may resort to yelling at the screen and telling them that they’re an idiot for going in it, but because they can’t hear you, they make the same mistake that every character before them has made. That’s what it seems like is going on here to her face. It’s gotten caught in some sort of vortex and now it’s slowly being transported to another dimension. Her eyes and mouth have already been sucked in to it, but the rest of her body will soon follow.2You Are What You EatWhen someone says that you are what you eat, they don’t mean that you’re literally a piece of pizza or macaroni and cheese (even though that would be pretty cool). They just mean that if you eat healthy then you’re going to be healthy, and if you chow down on unhealthy food then you’re going to be unhealthy. However, if this artist had it her way, then maybe she might want that saying to be true. Many artists are inspired by what they know, and if she happens to consume a lot of kiwi then she may have used her love of it as inspiration for her this optical illusion. Mimi Choi has definitely had tons of pretty interesting illusions, but this one has to be one of the most mouthwatering of them.1He’s A Complicated ManWhen someone is a complicated person, people might say that they have many layers to them. They may be nice, but that’s not all that they are. This is what a visual representation of that would look like. Before this man’s face was painted he looked pretty normal, but then once Mimi Choi got started with him it seemed as though there was another layer that was underneath that top part. And then she kept going and another level was revealed. If she had continued to paint then who knows how many more layers we would have gotten to see. We can tell that she’s a talented artist, so I’m sure that she would be able to pull off a few more if she had wanted to.Sourcelast_img read more