The Automaster BMW holds ribbon cutting for newly renovated showroom

first_imgAutomaster,Vermont Business Magazine The Automaster has completed the final details of their BMW showroom renovation and celebrated its completion with a ribbon cutting ceremony held on November 11, 2015. Deconstruction began on November 24, 2014. The total renovation included stripping the existing building down to the structural steel and rebuilding a completely updated showroom, with an expansion of 980 square feet of new showroom space to the existing footprint. Construction of the new state-of-the-art facility was completed in June.“The new BMW showroom features an open, airy and welcoming space for both our guests and our employees,” said Dale Fillion, General Manager of The Automaster. “The renovation included the addition of many new amenities, like the Isetta bar (a complimentary refreshment bar) and a lot of new, state-of-the-art technology, like the new iDisplay ,” Fillion noted.Liz Costandi, BMW Client Advisor, The Automaster; Jacques Lefrancios, BMW GSM, The Automaster; Joe Colangelo, Shelburne Town Manager, Ann Hogan, Shelburne Town Planning Commissioner, Randy Adams, BMW Client Advisor, The Automaster; Gerry Barker, BMW Senior Client Advisor, The Automaster; TJ Maynard, BMW Client Advisor, The Automaster; Dale Fillion, General Manager, The Automaster; John DuBrul III, VP The Automaster; Casey Webster, BMW Client Advisor, The Automaster; Steele DuBrul, VP The Automaster; Kyle DuBrul, VP The Automaster; Jenna Gagliasso, BMW Client Advisor, The Automaster; Mike McLaughlin, VP Bread Loaf Corporation; John Johnston, VP of MEP Services, Bread Loaf Corporation; Dutton Smith, Project Manager, Bread Loaf Corporation; Fred Bellucci, VP of Estimating, Bread Loaf Corporation.The BMW iDisplay is a new, interactive display platform designed to allow guests, without or without the guidance of a BMW Genius, to learn about and explore the features of the new BMW i3 electric vehicle (EV). The platform even includes a fully functional charging station.Bread Loaf Corporation of Middlebury, Vermont served as the architect and general contractor for the project.ABOUT THE AUTOMASTER(link is external)Founded by Jack DuBrul in 1968, The Automaster, Inc. is a family-owned and operated Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Honda dealership located at 3328 Shelburne Road in Shelburne, Vermont. A part of The Automaster family, MINI of Burlington is a stand-alone dealership located at 74 Champlain Drive in Shelburne, Vermont. The company looks to create a sustainable legacy that redefines luxury within the industry, inspires passion and confidence among their customers, allows for professional growth and security for their employees, and to continually increase their involvement in the communities they serve.ABOUT BREAD LOAF CORPORATION(link is external)Bread Loaf Corporation, located in Middlebury, Vermont, integrates planning, architecture and building solutions to help clients grow their businesses, campuses and cultural institutions. Thriving on innovative ideas and excellent work since 1968, our commitment to Bread Loaf’s mission begins again every day. Our professionals are the architects, planners and builders who translate each client’s vision, brand, and goals into remarkable spaceslast_img read more

Backyard Grub: Vermont libraries explore Food from the Yard

first_imgVermont Business Magazine The Vermont Department of Libraries is partnering with Rooted in Vermont, a grassroots campaign celebrating how all Vermonters enjoy local food, to explore all of the great food that Vermonters can find right in their backyard. Libraries across the state will be hosting programs October 1 through October 7 that will feature and discuss local food activities that Vermonters have been doing for generations such as hunting and fishing, gardening, and foraging.“One of the things that all libraries want to do is work more directly in our communities and an easy way to do that is through discussion or activities around food, especially local food,” says Lara Keenan, Vermont Department of Library’s statewide consultant for library directors and trustees, “When I learned of the Rooted in Vermont campaign, I knew it would be a perfect campaign for our libraries to work with around the state.”Libraries have already started planning Rooted in Vermont programs for their community. For example, the Wardsboro Public Library will be teaming up with Carol Backus from Gilfeather Farm to discuss tips for growing the best turnips, the Whitingham Free Public Library will be hosting three Rooted in Vermont programs – a story time for kids, telling short stories, and discussing hunting regulations and stories with Vermont Fish and Wildlife Game Warden Richard Watkin, and many other libraries are working on putting together programming for their communities.Every library participating in “What Rooted in Vermont Food is in Your Backyard?” week will also have free Rooted in Vermont stickers and backyard scavenger hunts for community members to take home with them.“Libraries are the perfect community gathering place to bring neighbors together to share and discuss all of the fun and unique ways that they have been doing local food for generations,” says Shane Rogers, Rooted in Vermont project manager, “Rooted in Vermont is just as much about celebrating the community that local food creates as it is about the actual food on the plate.”Residents can check in at their local libraries for “What Rooted in Vermont Food is in Your Backyard?” programming or find more information about specific events in their community at Vermont Department of Librarieslast_img read more

Depressed People Find It Hard to Stop Reliving Bad Times

first_imgMSN Health:June 7 (HealthDay News) — A new study suggests that depressed people suffer from an inability to rid themselves of negative thoughts because they can’t turn their attention to other things.“They basically get stuck in a mindset where they relive what happened to them over and over again,” said study co-author Jutta Joormann of the University of Miami in an Association for Psychological Science news release. “Even though they think, ‘Oh, it’s not helpful, I should stop thinking about this, I should get on with my life,’ they can’t stop doing it.”The study authors gave tests designed to gauge mental flexibility to 26 depressed people and 27 people who had never been depressed. They looked at words on a screen for one second each and then were told to remember them in forward or backward order. Then they were asked to look at individual words and say where they were in the original order.Read the whole story: MSN Health More of our Members in the Media >last_img read more

Playing a violent video game makes people view themselves as a better fighter

first_imgShare on Facebook Email Share on Twitter Share Pinterestcenter_img LinkedIn New research provides evidence that violent video games can influence a person’s self-perceived ability and readiness to engage in a physical fight. The study, published in Computers in Human Behavior, suggests that playing violent video games can impair anger detection while enhancing the feeling of fighting ability.“There’s a huge literature on violent video games increasing aggression and altering social information processing. A separate body of research documents that playing a lot of violent video games can lead to pathological gaming, which is sometimes referred to as an addiction or Internet Gaming Disorder,” said study author Thomas F. Denson, a psychology professor at the University of New South Wales.“Pathological gaming occurs when people prioritize playing violent games over other facets of life, even when doing so causes impairment in relationships, academic pursuits, work, or mental health.” “With these two literatures in mind, our broad aim was to investigate why people find these games so captivating. We proposed that violent video games would make people feel tough. Although not perfectly replicated, the general pattern of findings suggested that violent video game play impaired anger recognition, increased players’ self-perceived fighting ability and reduced perceptions of the other men’s toughness,” Denson explained.In three experiments, which included 868 participants in total, individuals were randomly assigned to either play a violent or non-violent video game before completing various assessments of social cognition and threat perception. In the first two experiments, the participants played the game for 15 minutes on an Xbox 360 Kinect console. In the third experiment, the participants played an internet browser-based game for 5 minutes.Compared to those who played the non-violent games, participants who played the violent video games in the first two experiments tended to be worse at recognizing angry facial expressions and reported being less willing to back out of a hypothetical physical confrontation. Participants who played the violent game also thought they would fare better in a fight compared to participants who played the non-violent game.The findings indicate that “enhanced subjective fighting ability seems to be a rewarding feature of violent video games that may make them highly attractive to players,” Denson told PsyPost.But the study — like all research — includes some limitations.“One unanswered question is whether the extent to which people feel tougher eventuates into pathological gaming. We think it may, but require more data to confirm that hypothesis. Another is that the data did not perfectly replicate across the three experiments,” Denson said.In particular, in the third experiment, participants who played the violent game did not think they would fare better in a fight compared to participants who played the non-violent game. But this may be due to the fact that they only played for 5 minutes.“This research extended some other work that we’ve done on why violent video games are so alluring. In that study, we found that people who played a lot of violent video games also rated themselves as more of a ‘good catch’ to members of the opposite sex. They also reported greater interest in sex,” Denson explained.“Although those data were correlational, they are consistent with our new findings in that playing violent video games may give people a boost in confidence in both their mating and fighting abilities.”The study, “Violent video game play, gender, and trait aggression influence subjective fighting ability, perceptions of men’s toughness, and anger facial recognition“, was authored by Thomas F. Denson, Barnaby J.W. Dixson, Ana N. Tibubos, Elaine Zhang, Eddie Harmon-Jones, and Michael M. Kasumovic.last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: Novel coronavirus meeting, flu reassortment in ferrets, egg producer warnings

first_imgJan 10, 2013WHO to convene Jan 14-15 meeting on novel coronavirusThe World Health Organization (WHO) will convene a technical meeting early next week about the novel human coronavirus that has been confirmed in nine cases in recent months, including five fatalities. “WHO has organized a technical consultative meeting to take place at the WHO Regional Office in Cairo from 14 to 15 January 2013 on the novel human coronavirus. The meeting will bring together representatives of the three countries already affected, in addition to key partners and WHO collaborating centres involved in managing this public health issue, together with WHO experts,” the agency said in a news release yesterday. Cases so far have been in patients from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Jordan. The goal of the meeting is to obtain the most up-to-date understanding of the virus, identify key knowledge gaps, and identify steps to gain a better understanding of the virus, the WHO said.Jan 9 WHO news releaseStudy: Ferrets may be good models for studying flu virus reassortmentIn an experiment, the co-infection of ferrets with two different recombinant influenza viruses led to the emergence of a new strain containing genes from both viruses, suggesting that ferrets may serve as good animal models for studying flu virus reassortment, says a report yesterday in the Journal of Virology. Ferrets are commonly used to study flu virus activity, but reassortment in the animals has been little studied, according to the report by researchers from the University of Maryland and the US Food and Drug Administration. In previous studies in which ferrets were co-infected with pandemic 2009 H1N1 (pH1N1) and H3N2 viruses, reassortment did not occur. The researchers here used two types of recombinant viruses, one carrying the surface genes of a seasonal H3N2 strain with background genes from pH1N1, and the other having the reverse combination. After several passages of these co-infections in ferrets, a dominant H1N2 reassortant virus emerged, most of whose gene segments came from pH1N1. The authors say their findings suggest that reassortment events in lab ferrets parallel those that occur in nature. “The rapid selection of specific gene segments in our study highlights the utility of the ferret as an in vivo model to study the viral and host factors contributing to reassortment,” they comment.Jan 9 J Virol abstractFDA warns two egg producers about rule violationsThe FDA has warned two egg companies that some of their facilities are violating shell egg safety rules, according to letters the agencies sent the firms in late December and posted on its Web site yesterday. The warnings relate to July 2012 inspection findings at the Midwest Poultry Services facility in Ft Recovery, Ohio, and inspections on various dates in May through August at five California facilities held by SKS Enterprises, Inc. The main violations at Midwest Poultry were that the firm failed to implement portions of its Salmonella Enteritidis prevention plan, to use appropriate rodent control in four layer houses, and to maintain documentation for complying with refrigeration requirements. For the SKS Enterprises farms, the violations varied by facility and included, for example, deviations from Salmonella Enteritidis testing protocols and failure to prevent wild birds from entering the poultry houses. The FDA directed both companies to reply to the letters, detailing steps they have taken to correct the violations. The shell egg rules, which took several years to develop, went into effect for the biggest producers in July 2010.Dec 20 FDA warning letterDec 21 FDA warning letterlast_img read more

Football: Chelsea players believe teammate Hazard will be on his way to Real Madrid

first_imgAdvertisement 6NBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs0j4iyWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Emx( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) uxWould you ever consider trying this?😱2keCan your students do this? 🌚2isfhRoller skating! Powered by Firework After being on La Liga giants Real Madrid’s radar for years and years before, and dropping various hints all summer this year, Chelsea star Eden Hazard might very well be on his way out of Stamford Bridge to the Spanish capital. This is the firm belief of his fellow teammates at Chelsea.Advertisement After a magnificent start to the Premier League this season under brand new manager Maurizio Sarri, the Blues seem to have lost momentum since the last 6 or so Premier League games, having won 3 and lost 3 of those. Transfer pundit Ian McGarry believes their recent drop in form is due to certain unrest in the Blues’ locker room caused by Hazard’s Real Madrid links. McGarry believes the deal between the Belgian international and the Los Blancos has definitely come through and the overall fear of losing a reliable goal scorer is ramping up their problems.Hazard has scored only a couple of goals in his last 11 outings, although has a tally of 10 in the Prem. While there have been no talks of contract extension either by Hazard or his agent with the club, despite Chelsea’s desperate attempts to retain their star player by offering a reported £300,000 a week wage, and with the option of moving to Spain at his disposal, Hazard’s cool appears to be explained.Advertisement Neither Real Madrid nor Chelsea, in recent times, appear to have the appropriate players who could score some 20 odd goals this season if they wish to stand a chance of a decent top 4 finish and the prospect in question might be the answer to their problems.Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Indonesia Masters 2019: Saina Nehwal clinchs her maiden BWF title in two years after…

first_imgAdvertisement 9zepnNBA Finals | Brooklyn Vs5vfeWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre E2253x( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) n08ynWould you ever consider trying this?😱6fCan your students do this? 🌚79Roller skating! Powered by Firework Saina Nehwal clinched the 2019 Indonesia Masters title after her opponent, Olympic gold medalist Carolina Marin, retired hurt herself. The Spaniard was leading 10-4 in the first set before aggravating her right thigh injury which she sustained earlier.Advertisement Saina Nehwal won her last BWF Title in 2017 Malaysian Grand PrixThis was Saina’s maiden BWF title in the last two years, with the last one being the 2017 Malaysian Open Grand Prix title. On her path to glory, the World No.9 beat Indonesia’s Dinar Dyah Ayustine in the first round 7-21, 21-16, 21-11 before getting the better of Indonesia’ Fitriani 21-17, 21-15 in straight sets.In the ensuing quarterfinal clash with Thailand’s Pornpawee Chochuwang, she got the upper hand 21-7, 21-18 before eking out China’s He Bingjao’s challenge in the semi-finals 18-21, 21-12, 21-18.Advertisement Carolina Marin, who had earlier knocked out, PV Sindhu 21-11, 21-12 in straight sets in the quarter-finals, was having a good spell of play in the finals. However, she didn’t want to aggravate her thigh injury further and decided to grant Saina the victory.Next up for Saina Nehwal will be the 2019 Spain Masters, which will begin from 19 February. The Sportsindiashow team wishes the Olympic Bronze medalist best of luck for her future endeavors.Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Aintree Racing Festival -Day 1 Preview

first_imgAudio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Tip of the Day: Getaway Katie Mai 5.10pmprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Email There are four grade ones on the card of the opening day of Grand National Festival at Aintree. In the absence of Buveur d’Air, the Jessica Harrington-trained Supasundae is the odds-on favourite for the Aintree Hurdle at 3.25. The first race of the day – the Manifesto Novices’ Chase – is off at 1.45. Looking ahead to the action is George McDonagh…last_img read more


first_imgA team representing Galway took part in the 2018 Go for Life Games held in the DCU on Saturday, 9th June.  They were one of twenty four teams of older people from around the country participating in a day of fun sporting activities. The Go for Life Games brings together almost 300 older players from all over Ireland to compete, get active and most importantly to have some fun.  Now in its seventh year, it has grown to become one of the biggest social sports events for older people in Ireland. Go for Life is the national physical activity programme for older people, run by Age & Opportunity and funded by Sport Ireland.  The Go for Life programme and the Games event demonstrates that sports are for everyone, not matter what age you are.With 24 teams from 21 counties competing Galway faced some stiff competition on the day.  What began as a one-day event in 2012 is now a year-round phenomenon, with older groups training, practicing, competing and coming through heats in their counties in order to compete in the finals in DCU.Mary Harkin, Physical Activity Programme Manager for Age & Opportunity was delighted with the great atmosphere on the day:“The Games are a real highlight of the Go for Life year and there is a great buzz around the day which reflects the build-up in each county with leagues, blitzes and weekly games happening in the local sports hubs in the lead up to the national event.  It is a really collaborative event with almost 30 different sporting organisations working together to celebrate older people and sport.”The games themselves are devised specifically for older people. ‘Scidils’ is a two-sided adaptation of ten pin bowling but using two skittles and ‘Flisk‘ is adapted from boccia and horseshoe pitching. This year Go for Life introduced a new game ‘Málaí’ – an adaptation of the popular cornhole game using beanbags and a wooden box which is now being made for groups all over the country by Men’s Sheds.These games, with clear rules and scoring systems, can be played and practiced by everyone, no matter what level of sporting ability. They are great for developing balance, flexibility and concentration. The social aspect of the Games also brings people together with a healthy amount of competition to keep things interesting.All of the teams, made up from Active Retirement groups, social clubs, Men’s Sheds, sports clubs and other community groups, have been supported by their Local Sports Partnerships.To find out more about Go for Life in County Galway, contact Age & Opportunity on (01) 805 7738 or visit About Go for LifeGo for Life is the national programme for sport and physical activity for older people. Go for Life is an Age & Opportunity programme, funded by Sport Ireland.About Age & OpportunityAge & Opportunity is the national organisation that inspires everyone to reach their full potential as they age.Age & Opportunity’s goal is to turn the period from age 50 onwards into one of the most satisfying times in people’s lives, by facilitating:opportunities to engage in arts and cultural activitiesopportunities for sport and physical activityopportunities to learn and be involved as active citizensAge & Opportunity aims to contribute to changes in attitudes and practices in relation to ageing and older people in Ireland such that as people age they can develop their full potential on three levels – the personal, the societal and the civic – to the extent that each individual chooses.This is informed by international public policy initiatives as well as research showing that participating in society is good for individual health and well-being, and good for communities through the building of social capital. Fundamentally it is also informed by the conviction that full citizenship is the right of everyone no matter what their age or background.GALWAY TEAM PHOTO Front Row (L-R): Joan Kavanagh, Breda Seargant, Patricia Dolan, Lily Mooney, Mary Cravens Back Row (L-R): James Seargant, Cyril Doyle, Anne Long, Mary Heffernan, Nora Fureyprint WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more

Motorsport Ireland Round Up

first_imgCARLOW CC AUTOTEST AT IDA BUSINESS PARK, BALLYNATTIN, ARKLOW, CO WICKLOW (ROUND 4 OF HEWISON TROPHY CHAMPIONSHIP) (DAY 2):1 Ian White (Mini Special) 672.5s,2 Peter Grimes (Mini-Nova Special) 692.3s,3 Chris Grimes (Mini) 716.4s,4 Cian Power (Mini Special) 775.8s,5 Guy Foster (Mini Special) 782.0s,6 Paul Phelan (Mini Special) 787.7s,7 Christopher Grimes Jnr (Mini) 792.3s,8 Mark Guerin (Westfield) 799.5s,9 John McAssey (Starlet) 868.6s,10 Billy Neville (Starlet) 901.1s,11 James Grimes (Nova) 1041.5s.Class winners: Chris Grimes, Peter Grimes, Mark Guerin, Billy Neville, John McAssey. LIMERICK MC SPRINT AT LIMERICK RACECOURSE, PATRICKSWELL, CO LIMERICK (ROUND 11 (FINAL) OF NAYLOR ENGINEERING NATIONAL HILLCLIMB/SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP) (DAY 2):1 Peter McKinley (Escort) 93.36s,2 Russell Stanworth (Reynard RF81 Opel) 93.71s,3 Ben O’Brien (BMW E3) 94.63s,4 Tommy Gardiner (Civic) 95.05s,5 Dara Fay (Suzuki Swift) 95.48s,6 Neil Dugan (Peugeot 205) 95.80s,7 Willie Barrett (Civic) 95.95s,8 Martin Flanagan (BMW M3) 96.95s,9 John Kennedy (Dax Rush) 97.76s,10 (tie) John Mahon (DJ-ADS1 Hayabusa) and Jamie O’Rourke (Punto) 98.03s.Class winners: Ray Cunningham (Mini), Elaine Kirwan (Seicento), Tommy Gardiner, John Kennedy, Ben O’Brien, Mick O’Shea (MGB GT), John Whitley (Swift FF1600), John Mahon, Russell Stanworth, Jamie O’Rourke, Chris O’Callaghan (Escort), Martin Flanagan. Suzuki Swift came out on top on the opening day, ahead of the single seater Reynard of Russell Stanworth, while Peter McKinley’s famous Escort took top place yesterday, with Stanworth the runner up again.Hewison Autotest champion Ian White scored a weekend double in the Carlow club’s Autotests in Arklow, with Guy Foster his nearest rival on Saturday. Foster’s car had problems on the second day, forcing him to retire, with multiple champion Peter Grimes taking second place.Escort driver Joseph Smith took a narrow win in the Cavan MC Autocross at Latton, just half a second ahead of Mervyn Wedlock in another Escort.Joseph Smith on his way to winning Cavan Motor Club Autocross at Latton today. Photo credit: Peter CassidyLIMERICK MC SPRINT AT LIMERICK RACECOURSE, PATRICKSWELL, CO LIMERICK (ROUND 10 OF NAYLOR ENGINEERING NATIONAL HILLCLIMB/SPRINT CHAMPIONSHIP) (DAY 1):1 Dara Fay (Suzuki Swift) 95.74s,2 Russell Stanworth (Reynard RF81 Opel) 97.56s,3 Willie Barrett (Civic) 98.18s,4 Brian Kirwan (Peugeot 205) 98.50s,5 Neil Dugan (Peugeot 205) 98.78s,6 Peter McKinley (Escort) 99.54s,7 Martin Flanagan (BMW M3) 100.67s,8 Tommy Gardiner (Civic) 101.17s,9 John Mahon (DJ-ADS1 Hayabusa) 102.26s,10 Ben O’Brien (BMW E3) 102.87s.Class winners: Ray Cunningham (Mini), Leanne Carroll (Seicento), Willie Barrett, Brian Kirwan, Neil Dugan, Gary Cunningham (Global GT), Sean Murray (Lotus Elan +2S), John Whitley (Swift FF1600), John Mahon, Russell Stanworth, Jamie O’Rourke (Punto), Aidan Walsh (Escort), Martin Flanagan. CARLOW CC AUTOTEST AT IDA BUSINESS PARK, BALLYNATTIN, ARKLOW, CO WICKLOW (ROUND 3 OF HEWISON TROPHY CHAMPIONSHIP) (DAY 1):1 Ian White (Mini Special) 714.2s,2 Guy Foster (Mini Special) 720.5s,3 Cian Power (Mini Special) 783.1s,4 Paul Phelan (Mini Special) 840.0s,5 Mark Guerin (Westfield) 867.9s,6 Paddy Power (Mini Special) 873.3s,7 John McAssey (Starlet) 930.3s,8 Billy Neville (Starlet) 984.3s,9 James Mansfield (Mazda MX5) 1040.4s,10 Cathal O’Carroll (Mazda MX5) 1171.9s.Class winners: Guy Foster, Mark Guerin, Billy Neville, John McAssey. MOTOR ENTHUSIASTS’ CLUB RHODES CUP SPORTING TRIAL AT GLENEALY, CO WICKLOW:1 Siobhan McCann (JMcVW) 7 marks,2 Craig MacWilliam (Erskine-Yamaha) 12m,3 Paul Needham (Erskine-Honda) 13m,4 Brian Conlon (Erskine-Honda) 13m,5 Morgan Evans (Mog-Honda) 14m,6 Enda Byrne (VW) 16m,7 Percy Pennefather (Erskine-Suzuki) 17m,8 John Pennefather (Erskine-Suzuki) 18m,9 Roy Stewart (Erskine-Harley Davidson) 23m,10 Gordon Watkins (Watkins-Yamaha) 26m,11 Dennis Burke (VW) 26m,12 Philip Hughes (Hughes-Honda) 30m.Grade winners: Paul Needham, Craig MacWilliam, Pat Fox (Wilson-Suzuki) 44m, Tony Hennessy (Hennessy-Harley Davidson) 41m.center_img Josh Moffett rounded off a fine year in the Valvoline Motorsport Ireland National Forest Rally Championship by taking victory in the McKelvey Asbestos Bushwhacker Rally on Saturday while James Wilson & Gavin Doherty became the new Junior Champions, in their Peugeot 208. There were surprise winners on both days of the Limerick Sprint Weekend at Limerick Racecourse, with weather conditions and a slippery, twisting course making the going very difficult. Dara Fay’s CO CAVAN MC LOOSE SURFACE AUTOCROSS AT LATTON (ROUND OF MC BLINDS CHAMPIONSHIP):1 Joseph Smith (Escort) 527.71s,2 Mervyn Wedlock (Escort) 528.21s,3 Mickey Conlon (Escort) 534.71s.Class winners: Alan Pickens (Nova), Sean Brunton (Civic), Anthony Masterson (Civic), Mervyn Wedlock, James Cassidy (Semog Buggy), Adrian Deane (Semog Buggy). Best Junior: Ben McIntyre (Starlet).print WhatsApp Facebook Twitter Emaillast_img read more